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Need help with "gear trimming" feature on Ultegra triple.(3 posts)

Need help with "gear trimming" feature on Ultegra triple.ER
Jun 24, 2003 6:36 AM
My girlfriend just got a new road bike with a triple chainring on the front and she does not like how the "gear trimming" feature is set up. Right now, it takes two audible clicks to go from the smallest chainring to the middle chainring, and it does this very sloppy, sometimes it does not even go in. But when going from the middle to the largest chainring it only takes one click. Is there a way to set it up so it takes only one click to go from the smallest chainring to the middle, and then have the gear trimming feature used only on the largest ring, I have a double on my road bike and I have my gear trimming set up on my largest ring, and mine shifts very well, I should mention that both bikes are with ultegra
Thanks in advance.
re: Need help with "gear trimming" feature on Ultegramgolebiewski
Jun 24, 2003 7:25 AM
Not that I know of. If it did you would not really want the trim there since running big/big on a tripple is very hard on the drivetrain.

However the shifting from small to middle should not be sloppy at all.

I have a mostly Ultegra tripple setup with a 105 front derail. It shifts very cleanly from the small to the middle with either one or two clicks. The catch seems to be to set it up such that the middle chain ring, large cog rubs in the outer trim position. You should need to use the trim to stop rubing at either extreme. This is how my shop set it up and I have barely had a mishift in the 1500+ miles I have put on the bike.

After some practice it has become very natural to have the wide range of gears avaliable in the middle ring.
re: Need help with "gear trimming" feature on Ultegra triple.Chen2
Jun 24, 2003 10:32 AM
Every Triple that I've seen requires going to the second click (detent) to get from the small ring to the middle ring. If that's the only problem she's got then she's lucky. As the above poster said, it is possible to adjust the cable tension to make that shift a big cleaner. Since it is a new bike (and a new cable) it is normal to have some cable stretch that needs to be adjusted out. The dealer usually makes a first tune-up free. It's a good thing to learn how to do.