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Deciding on a frameset, input appreciated(8 posts)

Deciding on a frameset, input appreciatedvjarnot
Jun 24, 2003 5:42 AM
Any recommendations?

a) Cannondale CAAD 7 (non-proprietary BB)
b) Trek 5200
c) Giant TCR Composite
d) Kestrel Talon (not too sure on this one)
e) Any other ideas?

Jun 24, 2003 6:31 AM
Fondriest keeps adding models to their list of frames that are all discounted by at least $600.

Lots of nice frames, with fork and headset for $800-$1300. All very good values. Good weld finishing and paint.

Very happy with the MDC.
re: Deciding on a frameset, input appreciatedChris Radders
Jun 24, 2003 6:43 AM
Have you considered something like a Pinarello? Not sure what the prices are like outside the uk but here a Cannondale Cadd7 (real nut cracker!) would equate to a Pinarello Prince. Cadd7 is stiffer but the Pinarello's are wonderful.
re: Deciding on a frameset, input appreciatedxcmntgeek
Jun 24, 2003 9:08 AM
I've been riding a Orbea Starship Carbon and I love it. My dad owns a CAAD 7 (w/o the C-dale crank) so I've had the ability to ride them back to back. The Orbea corners better but the C-dale is a better all day bike. You can't go wrong with any of your options.
re: Deciding on a frameset, input appreciatedvjarnot
Jun 24, 2003 9:18 AM
So you're saying that Cannondale isn't lying when they say that they've tuned the harshness out of their aluminum frame? That's a concern of mine - ride quality differences between aluminum and carbon.
re: CAAD 7's really are nicezoomservo
Jun 25, 2003 9:24 PM
I've had mine now for 9 months and I initially wanted to go for the Kestrel because my alum mtb always beat me up and I heard C-Dales were stiff butt bangers. Luckily I test rode a CAAD 7 and was hooked- light, super stiff, great handling, and nearly as compliant as carbon. I ride around the unkempt streets of NYC and the frame gives me a soft ride and only a funny "ping" sound when it hits a bump - but dang! what an amazing ride for aluminum! It's a perfect crit bike, if you plan on racing. But then most high end frames are going to do you well - what was that they say - it's not the bike it's the engine... Anyway, just go to your LBS and test ride one or two or three...

Jun 24, 2003 9:23 AM
Excel has some great deals on Casati frames right now...

I got a Litespeed Orion from a few months ago and love it.
They have more, but if the Casati had been available, I probably would have grabbed one of those.
DeRosa or Fondriest & forget glued in carbon stays ;) nmCat 3 boy
Jun 24, 2003 11:07 PM