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Saddle height and Time Impact Pedals(2 posts)

Saddle height and Time Impact Pedalspower1369
Jun 23, 2003 10:00 AM
I have been a long time Time Equipe pedal user with Time shoes as well. I am switching to the new Time Impact pedals and want to know from people experienced with the change what impact this will have on seat height, if any? Should it stay the same, go up, down?

Any advice is appreciated.
re: Saddle height and Time Impact PedalsEric_H
Jun 23, 2003 10:50 AM
I am long time user of Time pedals and recently made the switch to the Impact. I do not use Time shoes however (Sidi).

The latest models of the Time Equipe pedals had a claimed 8.5 mm bioposition, meaning that from the top of the pedal to the centre of the spindle was 8.5 mm. The Impact system claims to be lower at 7.7 mm, but this is the distance from the top of the pedal to the spindle, so the overall height is higher because the Time Impact cleat is about 4 mm in thickness. With the Equipe, there was no cleat thickness to factor in as the shoe sole sat directly on the pedal surface.

What does this mean? I would simply put the new cleats on your shoes and not adjust saddle height. Go for an easy ride and try to go by feel. I'm pretty sure that despite Time's claims, the Impact actually has a slightly higher distance from the sole of the foot to the pedal spindle (for a constant shoe). You might need to raise your saddle, using Time shoes, as the cleats attach onto the same exact mounting (4-hole drilling). For me, my saddle dropped about 2 mm as I went from Time Equipe and Sidi shoes with the Time adapter (4-hole drilling), to the Time Impact with the new Sidi Ergo 1 carbon shoes (Look drilling, thinner soles).

BTW, I like the Impact pedals. They feel just like the Equipes.