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T-9 Boeshield(7 posts)

T-9 BoeshieldHENRY K
Jun 22, 2003 5:06 PM
Has anyone had any experience with T-9 Boeshield? I just used some on my derailer and it seemed to work well. Has anyone used it on a chain before? Has anyone had any experience with it in the rain?
Works great for rain rides but...spookyload
Jun 22, 2003 5:31 PM
I think it is too wet for daily use. It tends to attract a lot of road grime. Like I said though, if it is a rain ride it is top notch.
I've found just the oppositeB2
Jun 22, 2003 6:29 PM
I've used the Boeshield T-9 on again and off again for six or seven years. The last year I've used it exclusively.

I've found that just about any amount of rain or dirt (i.e. - mtn biking) will leave you with a squeeky chain before you know it. Generally it doesn't last as long as other lubes. I usually wipe and relube the chain every 75 miles or so. The good news is that the chain is usually very clean and there's very little grime to wipe off. Even mountain biking the chain stays clean - just doesn't last long. Even to the point where a really dusty trail and a few creek crossings may leave you with a "dry" chain before you've finished the ride.

I think the trick to avoiding the dirt attractant thing is too apply the lube at least the night before. The lube drys out or evaporates to some degree (leaving a residue behind).

I find the performance very similar to the Finish Line Dry Lube, but a little cleaner.

I've used Boeshield for years........davet
Jun 22, 2003 7:20 PM
.on extreme high-use firearms before I started using it three years ago on bikes. My chains seem to last a long time and remain pretty clean. The key to using Boeshield on chains it to apply it a least several hours before use. It allows the carriers to evaporate. What remains lubes well and is not stickey.
Me too!Chen2
Jun 23, 2003 6:17 AM
It's especially good in damp conditions and is popular with the marine industry.
Mixed experienceKerry
Jun 23, 2003 4:16 PM
I only ever used this stuff on my commuter, and found that it 1) was messy, 2) held up reasonably well in the wet, and 3) left a lot of gunk on the drive train (solids). I was given it as a free sample, and once I used it up, I didn't buy any. I would say that it is about as good as TriFlow, but not as messy. Many people swear by it, but at least as many don't think much of it. I put myself in the 2nd group.
re: T-9 BoeshieldJML
Jun 23, 2003 8:19 PM
Boeshield is a good frame rust-preventer, but I found it not even close to the performance on chains as ProGold Chain Lube. That stuff has got to be the best chain lube ever. Boeshield is really parafin wax and additives, in a solvent. For pivot points on draillurs, try another high-tech oil and metal conditioner: Militec. Both of these things are the cleanest options, too.