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D/A shifter upgrade questions(3 posts)

D/A shifter upgrade questionszoomservo
Jun 22, 2003 9:54 AM
I want to upgrade my Ultegra STI's to D/A - but will my existing 6501 FlightDeck computer setup be compatible or do I need a different platform? Also, I haven't tried to change out road shifters before - is this an easy operation or should I have the Mech. do it? What does it entail (easy to pop on and off the cables?).

And what is the major difference, mechanically, between the Ultegra and D/A - or is it just weight?

One more question - does anyone really think it would be better to wait to upgrade to D/A 10 - or is it going to be way too expensive for the performance?

Thanks, Zoom
About to do the same thingLone Gunman
Jun 22, 2003 4:45 PM
Got 12K miles on my Ultegra shifters, my flight deck is the old style 2 button on one side, I must flip the wires so I have 1 and 1. As far as I know, flight deck fits all, no need for a new harness. Not too hard to switch out shifters, just ned the correct allen wrench, mark your bars before you start taking stuff off, memorize or diagram the cable routing, see how the cables attach before taking anything apart. If you can not tune a derailleur, take it to the shop, although it should be nothing more than putting the RD on the little cog and the FD on the little ring and pulling the cables taunt and securing, this is providing your derailleurs were tuned prior to releasing the cable fix bolt.

Performance? I have heard that the shifts are crisper than Ultegra, but I think any new shifter is going to shifter as good if not better than the old, plus you should get some longevity with DA. Here's a thought, I saw some company advertising on this board for Ultegra right shifters, $59...The right wears out and gets the most use, you could do one of those up and wait for the 10 to come out and save a bunch of money. Not sure I understand what you mean by "performance", one more cog? If so, hardly justifies the expense, I would snap up any NOS DA 9 speed system over the added expense of the latest greatest.
Dura Ace is better, but not by muchroadboy
Jun 23, 2003 7:14 AM
I have ridden both shifters, and your flight deck will swap over just fine, becasue I also have the 6501. The Dura Ace shifters are better than the Ultegra's in two ways. One the internals are nicer and more precise, meaning you dont have the vauge feel that Ultegra levers have. Also the throws are a little shorter and have more feel to them, there's more pressure required to shift gears, but this is not a bad thing because it adds a very precise feel to the levers. Overall Dura Ace are nicer, but you may want to wait for the 10sp stuff to come out if your going to upgrade, just upgrade the whole group at once. If not then grab a set of 9sp dura ace sti levers and Im sure you wont be dissapointed