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possible crack in seat tube - how bad?(1 post)

possible crack in seat tube - how bad?weiwentg
Jun 20, 2003 2:27 PM
a friend bought a bike with a post that was cut very short. it's a third hand bike. when we looked at it with the second hand owner, it appeared to have a minor paint scratch near the top of the seat tube. shortly after that, I raised the saddle, not knowing that the seatpost was cut that short - before I raised it, it was less than 2 inches into the saddle (not sure of exact height). my friend brought it into the bike store. the mechanic noticed how short his post was (about 170mm or so, it seems), and said that his seat tube was probably cracked.
from the outside, the crack - if it is cracked - was probably a cm in length and looked as deep as your average scratch in the paint. from the inside, I don't think either of them could feel anything (I haven't checked personally). given that the seatpost is not the most stressed area on the bike (less than head tube and BB, anyway), how fatal is this damage? we're going to put a Thomson MTB post in after this. can he still ride it?
anyways, I asked him to contact the Specialized rep (it's an E5 SLX) for a second opinion.