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What wheels to get!!!!!!(2 posts)

What wheels to get!!!!!!arderra
Jun 17, 2003 1:56 PM

I'm building a new bike. Carbon frame, forks, h/bars etc. Dura-ace groupset (of course!!)
I'm stuck on what type of wheels to go for. My weight is only 55kilos so theres no worries that I'll be too heavy!!

Any suggestions?
I liked the Cosmic Carbons but I was told that the carbon was basically stuck (glued/bonded)to a more standard (but very nice!!) rim. Carbon would be my choice. But which one!!!!!

Look forward to your suggestions.
I'm riding HED'swongsifu_mk
Jun 17, 2003 3:27 PM
HED Alps, specifically: carbon rim with aluminum braking surface, ti aero spokes, and similar rim depth(height?). Great wheels. About the same price range as Zip 404's, maybe a little less. I did an informal in-store weight comparison between the HED's and the Cosmics and the HED's were definitely lighter. The similar Spinergy Tilium wheelset with carbon spokes (less $$) are comparable in weight with the HED's, but I prefer the aero spokes on the HED Alps. A big factor in my decision was a preference for an alumium braking surface, which is heavier than an all-carbon aero wheel, but for me, more convenient.