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Need help choosing road pedals(2 posts)

Need help choosing road pedalsAsh
Jun 17, 2003 3:59 AM
Hi All,

After decade am going to switch from road spd to some real Road style pedals.

There are so many choices I am at a loss as to what features I should concentrate on.

-I don't want to experiment with my knees, so some float similar to spds is required.

-Hot foot has been something I've ridden through forever, so I would like to go for a more platform style pedal, and not anything small like the speedplays

But no idea what sets Look apart from Time apart from SPD-R apart from SPD-SL

Performance has the Look pp396 on sale for $99

Any other good deals out there?

Any guidance would be appreciated .

re: Need help choosing road pedalsBobS
Jun 20, 2003 11:45 AM
A topic like this is like discussing religion or politics. Everyone's got their own idea of what's right. The popular pedal amongst roadies in Southern California seems to be the Speedplay. Great cornering clearance, low stacking height, and low-weight. But the cleats are relatively heavy, and not wise to walk in for distances, or on soft surfaces. And the free-float isn't for everyone. In fact, I'm about to start exploring options again.
Through the years, I've gone from toe-clips to Look to Time and finally to Speedplay. On dirt, I've gone from SPD to the Eggbeaters. In fact, what I'd like is a road version of the this last pedal. It has what I would call "resisted floating" that once you're in, you can move your foot around and find a comfortable position, and your foot stays there. It doesn't try to recenter you, and it's not free-floating like the Speedplay.
Funny you mention that you're looking for something to replace the SPD road pedals. Any reason why? (I'm curious because it's a pedal-type I'm considering to replace my Speedplays.)

One other comment about a cool feature with the Speedplays, and why they may so popular in the land of Crits... They're super easy, and fast, to clip into. Looks aren't so quick, and it is possible to pull out when you pull back too hard on the pedal. Also, if you need float, the red cleat gives you the ability to move your foot, but it really isn't true float because you don't pivot about the center of the cleat. The back of the cleat moves relative to the front of the cleat, which I found really annoying. Your foot kind of smears across the pedal as opposed to rotate.

OK, one last great point about the Speedplays ( you may be able to tell that I'd like to keep using them... just wish they offered the resisted-float like the Eggbeaters): Depending on what road shoes you use, you can get your foot significantly close to the pedal axle, which is ideal. And it typically means you need to lower your seat because you are so close. The most efficient configuration would be if you could have a pedal axle surgically implanted into the ball of your foot. But that would make regular shoes hard to fit in, and, it would be a real bummer if you "scrape a pedal" in a corner! Ouch!

Sorry, I'm running out of ink. Hope this rambling helps.