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converting shimano 8spd wheel to campy(2 posts)

converting shimano 8spd wheel to campywwchang
Jun 15, 2003 3:21 PM
i've got a shimano ultegra 8spd rear wheel that i'd like to use with my bike that has campy chorus 8spd cranks/shifters/derailleurs. is this possible? i noticed on wheels manufacturing website has a spacer kit, but it doesn't have enough details to describe how it really works.
re: converting shimano 8spd wheel to campykcd
Jun 16, 2003 5:29 AM
Ultegra 8sp wheel will work on campy chorus 8spd cranks/shifters/derailleurs, although the spacing between the sprockets is slightly narrower. The misalignment is about 5% per sprocket ( about 15% max, which is apparently within system tolerance for operability), except when shifting to the outermost cogs, for which case the limit screws can be used to correct the misalignment . Go to the Campy web site and follow the directions on how to adjust the rear deraillure and the setup should work fine but not at the level that the Campy is capable of.

The Wheeler spacer kit will make the shifting better by eliminating the 5% misalignmnet. You just remove the cassette and replace the spacers w/ wheeler spacers. Make sure the hub is wide enough to accomodate the wider spacers before you buy the kit.