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campy chorus 8spd freehub skipping(3 posts)

campy chorus 8spd freehub skippingwwchang
Jun 15, 2003 3:16 PM
just bought a used bike with 8spd campy chorus. when i test rode it, the forward drive was solid and the freewheeling was fine. when i started cleaning it up, i noticed a greaseport hole on the hub shell so i injected in some grease until it purged out the side with dirty grease and then clean grease. and then...when i put it back on the bike, it started skipping when i pedaled forward. on the bike stand it didn't skip, but on a test ride, the rider pressure caused it to skip in every cog. does this have anything to do with the grease purge? is there something i can do?
Grease in the pawlsKerry
Jun 15, 2003 5:02 PM
I'm guessing you got the freehub mechanism full of grease and now the pawls won't seat properly. While there are many who claim that the Campy "lube port" should be used for grease, it was actually designed so that you could put oil in the hub for a fair weather event like a time trial or track race. Even Campy states that you can lube the hub this way, but it's NOT a good idea, as you have learned. Even if you didn't have this problem, you will have grease oozing out of the hub for a long time, and you have increased the rolling friction of the hub because the space between the axle and the hub shell is now full of grease as well. Now you are in a box. You could add oil to the oil hole and thin out the grease, but then you would have thinned the grease in the bearings as well - not a good idea. You can either take it all apart (relatively easy to do), clean everything up, repack the bearings and put SOME grease in the pawls, or you can flush things out with oil, then repack the bearings. Your choice. Having the pawls not engaging could lead to damage in the mechanism, so don't try to "ride through it."
Grease in the pawlswwchang
Jun 15, 2003 7:43 PM
i was suspecting that as that was all i did, but i've always greased the port in my WTB mtn bike rear hub and figured it'd be the same deal. thanks for the advice, i'll try the disassembly route and see how it goes. thanks for the quick responese.