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Saddles, Impotency? and all that jazz(2 posts)

Saddles, Impotency? and all that jazzCornwall
Jun 15, 2003 1:36 AM
Saddles, Impotency? and all that jazz

With all the talk about saddles damaging your health and the fact that no saddles are comfortable, just that some are more tolerable than others, isn't it about time that a complete rethink on the design of the conventional saddle should take place.
I have been looking around on the Web and I have come up with these sites who are definitely thinking laterally in the regard to saddle design. Has any body tried one of the saddles? If they have I would be very interested to know what they thought about it.

Click on links to view these radical designs:
A tempest in a teapotKerry
Jun 15, 2003 5:42 PM
This issue has been beat to death. Even the scaremonger doctor who got all the publicity (gee, could that have been his motivation?) admitted that poor health causes far more impotency than bike seats. Actual experts have stated that the health effects (improved circulations = reduced erectile disfunction) of cycling far outway any saddle risk. Then there's the "it went numb for weeks but I kept riding" geniuses. Short answers: 1) it's not the fundamental design of the saddle and 2) there have been hundreds of "miracle cure" saddle designs over the past century but we are still using the same basic shape that evolved in the first decade of the safety (modern) bicycle. The number of cases of ED from bike saddles is vanishingly small, usually aggravated by related health conditions or severe trauma, and grossly over reported in the press. Remember, bad news is news, good news is boring.