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Squeak in my front Rolf comp... advice needed(2 posts)

Squeak in my front Rolf comp... advice neededGall
Jun 14, 2003 2:30 PM
Hello again,

Today I noticed that my front Rolf comp is squeaking.

How hard is it to repack these hubs? I've never done something like this before. What tools and grease should I use?

Thanks so much!!!

re:If they're VECTOR comps the've got sealed cartridge bearingJimboTero
Jun 19, 2003 12:28 AM
If your wheels are Rolf Vector Comp's they have sealed cartridges which have to be replaced. These wheels are no longer made & Rolf is not making ANY wheels now - good luck.
If your squeak is from the spokes I found that a dab of medium weight oil in each nipple base (Phil Wood's Tenacious) solved it.
Let us know later where/if you get your bearings as I've got an old set of V.Comps w/bad bearings I've been keeping as a spare, if there is a source. (Maybe industrial bearings of the exact same dimensions if nothing else ??)