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SRAM Chain=Problmen? No. Me=Problem? Yes.(7 posts)

SRAM Chain=Problmen? No. Me=Problem? Yes.kg1
Jun 13, 2003 3:59 PM
I few days ago I posted asking if the new SRAM chain I installed might be causing the shifting problems I was seeing on my Ultegra-equipped Gunnar Roadie. Thanks to all who responded.

It wasn't the chain. It was a poorly adjusted derailleur. Now that I've got the derailleur set up correctly, the shifting is very good.

As several people pointed out, the SRAM chain does seem to be ever-so-slightly wider, and this seems to cause a bit more clatter when I cross-chain. Still, I am happy.


Sram is wider than ShimanoHereford Flyer
Jun 14, 2003 4:40 AM
Have just changed over from an Sram 99 chain to a D.Ace (I am running full D.ace 9sp). The D.Ace chain was so much smoother, quiter and slicker changing than the Sram.

Measured them with a micrometer, widths are:- (give or take a few hundreths of a mm)
D.Ace = 6.5mm
Sram 99 = 6.8mm

0.3mm is a big difference and for the improved performance I would definately change over to a quality Shimano chain.
I suffered problems for a year; watch and you will!pitt83
Jun 14, 2003 5:08 AM
I switched to the SRAM from the OEM Z-chain on my Allez. Worked OK, then shifting got rough, adjusted myself, no better, take to shop, adjust to OK, but not perfect. Repeat ad naeseum, sometimes 2X weekly. Go to different shop, switch deraileur. Goes to hell again. Finally, the cables were so tight, I swear it led to premture death of my STI shifters. SHop answer was always; this SHOULD be ok, don't understand what's wrong.

I eventually replaced the whole drivetrain and went back to 100% Shimano. NP and on the second frame now. I can even make it work myself.

PS: I can't do that powerlink anyway. Never can get that apart. How is this an advantage when I know I can use a chaintool and split the Shimano when I absolutely need to. I clean the chain on the bike, so rarely need to break and remove it.
I suffered problems for a year; watch and you will!kenyonCycleist
Jun 14, 2003 7:55 PM
dude there is nothing wrong w/ sram chains..that was something can a chain affect your cable tension/shifters..etc...thats doesnt make sense
Just problems which wouldn't ever go away with SRAMpitt83
Jun 15, 2003 4:48 PM
Cascade of trouble after the SRAM was installed. I never had a lick o' trouble with the OEM Z chain, until I f'ed it up when removing it. The "dude" in the shop sold me the SRAM and told me it would work. Agree that it should have.

Just ever since the chain swap, nothing worked worth a crap for more that a week. I had more adjustments trying to get it right. Eventually, the cables were pulled so tight, I believe it led to premature failure of my STI shifters.

2 shops, countless techs, me, etc. No one could make that set up work for longer than 2 weeks tops.

After going to 100% Shimano, NP. Besides, I can't get that powerlink to open anyway. Takes me longer to work that link than open with a chain tool.

I haven't tried wipperman and hear they're great. Still use SRAM on the MTB's because they are OEM spec with the SRAM / Race Face setup. They are strong and work with their own cassette just fine.
Agree with Kenyon, it must have been something elseKerry
Jun 15, 2003 5:23 PM
"cables pulled so tight" doesn't make sense. Chains don't make it harder to shift. A shift up or down could be sloppy because of a chain, but not harder to pull the derailleur. Can't figure out what happened, but something else was going on that caused your problems. Replacing everything solved it, no doubt, but it was something else that either got buggered at the same time the chain was replaced or just happened coincidentally.
Just problems which wouldn't ever go away with SRAMcurlybike
Jun 15, 2003 8:14 PM
Since you replaced everything at once, how can you say with any assurance that the chain was the problem? I have seen several drivetrains destroyed by KMC chains that God couldn't make a chain run on afterwards. I think that your KO'd driveline was causing your GOOd chain to foul up. Now refute that with your mechanical logic, when millions have no trouble with Sram chains.