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Mirage Ergopower with 105 Rear D(5 posts)

Mirage Ergopower with 105 Rear Dbuffedupboy
Jun 13, 2003 8:40 AM
I have gone through the old threads on this topic. But I have never seen a reason to why people claim that the Campy 9sp Ergopower levers are incompatible to any Shimano Rear Ds.

Was thinking of trying a Campy Ergopower to see how it felt before going for Record.

Has anyone tried using Ergopower levers with Shimano Rear Ds?

simple reason it does not work..C-40
Jun 14, 2003 3:43 AM
The amount of cable pulled, per shift is not the same on Campy and Shimano 9 speed shifters.

Try this site for a solution that shows how to use Campy 10 speed ergo levers with a Shimano 9 derailleur and cassette.

At least this way you can purchase 10 speed levers. If you don't like the levers, you may lose less money reselling almost new 10 speed levers.

Mixing a Shimano 9 derailleur with a Campy 9 ergo lever absolutely will not work, although I read on the Velo News forum of a company that makes some sort of adapter (probably a lever arm) that will change the amount of cable pull to make the two compatible.

It's rare to find folks who find ergo levers objectionable, although some do. I switched 8 years ago and knew on my first ride that the Campy system had significant advantages.

The big pain with ergo levers is routing and taping the cables to the bars. For maximum comfort, I route both cables along the front of the bars. I always place thin self adhesive foam rubber along the shift cable to provide extra padding, before installing the bar tape. A product called Camper Seal works great for padding. The foam is 3/16" thick by 1-1/2 inches wide. A 30' roll is only $5.
Thanks for reply..buffedupboy
Jun 14, 2003 9:26 AM

I have read your previous postings on the subject. Although I find the difference in pull may cause more chain noise, I am still convinced that it will shift 9 speeds although it may not be the most efficient.

Not disagreeing with you or finding fault with your previous arguments or anything negative like that. May just purchase the ergopower levers and install it to find out how bad the mis-firing shiftings are going to be just to kill the cat myself.

Thanks again,
why ask??C-40
Jun 14, 2003 10:25 AM
If it was that easy every one would be doing it. Obviously, places like hub bub have tried it since they have a desire to use campy ergo levers with a shimano cassette on tandem bikes.

The hub bub site has the best answer. Think about it a minute. Even the 10 speed shifter pulls more cable than a shimano derailleur needs. A 9 speed shifter only makes the problem worse.

If you really want to figure out the difference, try what I describe below, with a shimano 9 speed equipped bike. I've posted this before and never found any shimano user with enough interest to measure the cable pull.


I attached a piece of masking tape to my rear derailleur cable, exactly 2 inches in front of the cable stop, and measured the distance the cable traveled after each shift, using a machinist's scale, graduated in .010 inch increments. I found that the cable pull was not totally linear. The first five shifts (starting from the smallest cog) were quite consistent at .10 inch or 2.5mm per shift. The 6th & 7th shifts measured .12 inch or 3.0mm, and the 8th & 9th shifts measured .14 inch or 3.5mm. The total of all shifts moved the cable 1.02-inch.
why ask??buffedupboy
Jun 14, 2003 8:40 PM
Okay, for sake of science, I will attempt to do the above exercise on my current bike which is ultegra equipped. Will post the results here soon.