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Hed3 Disc wheel(4 posts)

Hed3 Disc wheelrogue_CT1
Jun 12, 2003 5:38 PM
Does anyone have any experience with this wheel? How does it compare to regular discs?
re: Hed3 Disc wheelMarketing Dept
Jun 13, 2003 4:43 AM
The Hed3 was pioneered by Dupont and marketed by Specialized.

Hed bought the license a few years ago and has continued to refine the construction.

The wheel design is considered very aero dynamic in all conditions, especially cross winds. Even with its large blades, it creates less "sail" effect than most others, certainly less than a full disc.

I have used the wheels since Specialized introduced them. I had my original up until 2 years ago (about 10 years old by then) and never had any problems. It was heavy (1400 grams) by todays standards, but on a flat course, it was great.

Do you have any other specific questions? Hed wheels are IMHO highly under rated in the aero wheel market. Perhaps if the prices were doubled, ZIP users would consider buying them instead?
... wonder if the poster was talking about the H3D...Akirasho
Jun 14, 2003 2:08 AM
... I've only seen the H3D in photos of Pro use... There was also a "Kona" version which was supposed to be legal for the Ironman Hawaii (looked like an H3 with partial webbing 'tween the tri spokes)... but I believe it was subsequently ruled illegal (Kona can be too windy for safe operation of disc wheels) by the ITU.

I believe the technology shares some basics with the new ZIPP disc, and golf balls... a dimpled or specifically textured surface which enhances aero properties (note that ZIPP has traditionally used flat sided discs while HED went lenticular (slighty more aero... but heavier)).

Anyone have any experienc with an H3D?

Be the bike.
... wonder if the poster was talking about the H3D...rogue_CT1
Jun 14, 2003 4:08 PM
Yes, I was asking about the H3D. I have a set of Specialized Tri-spokes but I am looking for a disc wheel and I was wondering if the H3D was worth the money. I found out that Hed has stopped producing the wheel now due to production problems.