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Good all round wheels(5 posts)

Good all round wheelsjgreal
Jun 12, 2003 12:08 AM
I am currently riding an Avanti Corsa frame with Shimano 600 and Ultegra components (off an old CFR1). Would like to upgrade the wheels (Shimano 600) but am confused by the choice. I would like something rugged enough to cope with training and racing and would probably keep my current wheels for commuting. I weigh 74kgs or 165Ibs... Getting bang for my buck is a big consideration as have a young family.. can spare about US$400. Am currently considering Shimano WH540 or Duraace with Mavic Open Pro rims or somebody suggested Duraace with Mavic CPX33 rims. Would appreciate any advice... Cheers, Ron
re: Good all round wheelsJimboTero
Jun 12, 2003 12:51 AM
I've tried the older traditional mavics like the ma 40's, Rolf Vector Comp's and now run Mavic Kyserium Elites. These are the most comfotable and are pretty strong, though rear will go out of true if you slam 'em really good like I once did. Tried to get it back true by minimally truing at home, but eventually took 'em in to my LBS for a "pro" thorough true job & they've been O.K. They've even taken a couple potholes since without going out of true.I weigh about 168 lbs. and ride recreationally and at club level & have raced cat 3.I recently was in the market for an "all around" wheelset. The Mavic Kyserium Elites are not the absolute strongest or lightest rims out, but for the price, if you can get a deal, they're a good balance of aerodynamics (side winds are not a problem with these ) lightness for climbs, and comfort. They absorb shock much better than my Rolf aero rims.I've had the Mavics about a year, now. Mine came with old style ball bearings that can be maintained so I won't be screwed by having to replace expensive cartridge bearings down the line, especially if the model is changed or discontinued like my Rolfs were.
Open Pros or Campy Protonsdzrider
Jun 12, 2003 3:52 AM
The Protons are a little lighter, yet durable and well within your budget. They will be tougher to true in that you have to take the tire off, but I've gone about 3000 miles and haven't needed to yet. Open Pros with quality hubs have been the industry standard for years and a well built set should perform well and last indefinitely.
Are you sure about taking the tires off?DY
Jun 12, 2003 9:53 AM
I had Protons last year and I remember them as having regular spoke nipples (meaning you don't have to take the tire off). It's the much higher end Neutron that requires the tire to come off. They use a nipple that is more like an internal nut that needs a special socket to tighten.

My experience with Proton was very positive. I am 6' 180 and I found them to be stiff and strong, light and pretty cheap.
Mine are actually Electrons and work like the Nucleons.dzrider
Jun 13, 2003 9:53 AM
I assumed, apparently incorrectly, that the Protons were the same as the other two.