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Reach adjustment?(11 posts)

Reach adjustment?Jeff Rage
Jun 11, 2003 2:52 PM
Ok, this should be an easy one (I'm new to road biking and looking for one to buy.) Which of the Shimano lines have a reach adjustment on the shifter/brakes?
re: Reach adjustment?Jeff Rage
Jun 11, 2003 8:44 PM
Is this a stupid question? Do they all have that adjustment?
re: Reach adjustment?DINOSAUR
Jun 12, 2003 6:36 AM
I'm a Campy man, don't know if there are any Shimano STI's that have reach adjustment. You can try changing the tilt of your bars or ride with your bars untaped for a ride and move the levers to where you want them, but you will have to bring in the slack on your cables....
I believe only Sora...rockbender
Jun 12, 2003 7:10 AM
I am pretty sure that Sora is the only lever with adjustable reach. However, I overheard (read) someone on this board talking about a women-specific Ultegra Shifter/Lever that had less reach than the standard.

As mentioned above, the location of the lever on the bar will change the reach, and, remember that different bars will change your reach significantly as well.

Other than that, we don't have the luxury of Campy users to dial in the levers. However, do a search for "lever reach" or similar - myself and others have posted methods to either shim or adjust the levers to your liking.
None of the above will significantly change the reach...TFerguson
Jun 12, 2003 11:57 AM
Moving them up and down, Campy or Shimano, different bars - none of these will give a significant difference between the bar and the lever. Shimano Sora is adjustable, but has a different shifting mechanism than the rest of the Shimano line. Also, it is 8 speed and I don't beleive that you can shift from the drops. Shimano also has an "Ultegra level" shifter that comes with 2 or 3 wedges that can be installed between the lever and base. You can find it here for way to much money.

Zinn had a good Q&A on this in Velo News but I can't find it now. I you can figure how to find it in the archives, the URL was

If you find a reference to a shim from Wylder that is made to adjust normal Shimano brifters, forget it. I e-mailed them and they are going under and never put the shims into production.

I have drilled and tapped my Ultegras and installed an adjustment screw. Others have glued pennies, pieces of rubber, etc. between the lever and the mount. All of these type of solutions just keep the lever part way activated. This makes brake adjustment more critical and picky. It does work, though.

Lastly, I have read that the new Dura Ace for 2004 has a shorter reach if you can wait until next Christmas and have lots and lots of cash.

None of the above will significantly change the reach...Jeff Rage
Jun 12, 2003 1:57 PM
That's too bad for people with short hands like me! Many (if not most) off the Mtn bike brake levers hae adjustable reach.

Sora is not even an option - you can't shift in the down position!
New Ultegra ST-R600Chen2
Jun 12, 2003 2:13 PM
There is a new Ultegra STI shifter set with adjustible reach, ST-R600. This set is described and an exploded view is shown at the Shimano European web site. My wife's new Trek 5200 WSD came equiped with these. The adjustments are made with spacers. I have not tried the adjustments yet.
Look into the reach of particular handlebars insteadrussw19
Jun 12, 2003 6:21 PM
You are going to have much better luck getting a handlebar that was designed to shorten the reach from the bar to the shift/brake levers. There are a few on the market, but you just have to look around. You are going to need bars on your new bike, so why not look into short reach bars instead of short reach levers? Just a thought...

never thought of thatJeff Rage
Jun 12, 2003 7:25 PM
Of course, I'm new to road biking. Can you give me any particular models that would have the short reach?
They make no difference...TFerguson
Jun 13, 2003 5:28 AM
I've measured the Salsa Poco, Short & Shallow and the Terry. The best is the Terry which shortens the reach by 3mm. If 3mm helps, you didn't need them in the first place.
They make no difference...russw19
Jun 13, 2003 2:33 PM
The above may very well be true.. I have never measured different bars to check the actual depth. But different shaped bars may allow you to place the shift/brake levers in a position that is good for your particular hands.

Check around.. some anatomic bars are more anatomic than others depending on your anatomy.

I should be a politician with that statement!