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new to road biking- take a look @ my ideas for a bike(2 posts)

new to road biking- take a look @ my ideas for a bikeglobalhelipimp
Jun 8, 2003 10:51 PM
i'm 19 years old, 5'8.5", 145lbs, and want to get involved in road biking. i have a trek 4900 mountain bike, but i'd like to log mileage onto a road bike as well.

i plan to purchase my bike on ebay to save an enormous amount of money, and have been looking in the $500-600 USD range on ebay.

two bikes i've somewhat researched are:

trek 1200
trek 1000
specialized allez 27

however, being a newb to cycling, i need your help!

could you suggest some bikes to me that i could research into? if possible, i'd like a bike with good components, lightweight, and will last quite sometime.

also, what size bike would i need?

Two things....russw19
Jun 9, 2003 8:11 PM
First off, this is just my advice... take it or leave it...

Don't expect "to save an enormous amount of money" on ebay. You will find some good deals there if you know what you are doing and what you are looking for; but, no offence, being a newbie, I don't think you do yet. That is not a put down, just telling it straight. There are good deals to be found on ebay, but it's way popular and there are a ton of dealers on there. The deals aren't as good as you may think. You are way better off looking thru the classifieds here than ebay.

Second, go to your local shop if you are new to road riding. That's why they are in business... to help you out. Go ask them some basic questions and have them teach you about the different road group lines and test ride some bikes. And if you want a bike to last a long time, buy a good one and take care of it.

Just trying to help you out some, but buying a bike site unseen on ebay if you are new to the sport... it's a potential bad move. Go to your local shop and test ride the bike you are interested in... pay a little more for it, but know up front that it fits you and what condition it is in and how it rides. It will be money well spent.


oh yeah, and if you do go ebay, don't forget about all the hiden costs... You have to pay someone to box it for you (not always, but most of the time sellers charge a packaging fee on bikes) shipping, assembly and adjustment at your local shop unless you know what you are doing... all that adds up. Plus, what happens when the bike comes to you and needs new cables or a wheel trued? You pay for it. And if the stem is too short or long, you don't like the seat... all those things you pay for... if you buy a bike at a shop, they may change that stuff out for you for free.