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reliable deep dish wheelset(2 posts)

reliable deep dish wheelsetkenyonCycleist
Jun 7, 2003 7:57 PM
i am pissed w/ my hed alps. already serviced once for a defective hub and cracked rim...there is now another crack forming at the valve hole on the rim and they use so much locktite on the spoke that my mechanic buddy is afraid he will break them if he tries to true them..a call to the company..and the tech guy said 'yes he may break them if he tries to true them'. now i am sitting here considering sending the wheels bak for the second time..and wishing i had heard more about these wheels before purchasing them. i have two questions. (1)anybody have similar experiences with these ##$# wheels? (2)what is the most reliable and well performing deep profile rim wheel..preferably 58mm depth, clincheror tubie?
Mavic Cosmic Carbone or Zipp 404smmaggi
Jun 10, 2003 6:45 AM
Is weight an issue? If not, I ride with someone who uses the Mavic Cosmic Carbone clinchers. He loves them. He's has around 6k miles on them and has never had to true them and has never had any cracking issues.

Maybe the Zipp 404s? But I don't own a pair and don't know anyone who does. But they are lighter than the Mavics.