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Flat Bar Road Bike Build-Up ???'s(3 posts)

Flat Bar Road Bike Build-Up ???'sn21spdrs
Jun 7, 2003 7:44 PM
I am building up a flatbar road bike with a bunch of spare parts. I see a post below this on Road parts on an MTB frame, but didn't see many specific questions or answers. Let me hear from you mechanics or other experts who may have done a build-up like this.
What I already have is this....
A 2002 C'Dale R2000 52cm frame and slice-si full carbon fork, C'Dale Expert triple road crankset w/dura ace BB, 700cc wheels, thomson seat post, itm millenium stem and zoom brahma bars with deore mtb shifters and brake levers. What I plan on getting to complete this is a road cassette with shimano 105 front and rear derailluers and 105 brake calipers. The question is will MTB shifters such as deore work with 105 derailluers? I assume that the MTB brake levers will work fine with 105 calipers, is that a correct assumption? Anybody been there and done that? Did it work. Thanks for any replys.
A few things to considerSmiker
Jun 7, 2003 11:19 PM
Firstly, is the size right? I find that people who go to a flat bar type set-up on a road bike usually need to go up a size, because you lose the length that the bars and hoods give you. For this reason, compact frames work really well for flat bar builds -as you keep decent standover height.

You should be fine with the Deore shifter for the RD, but the FD requires a different shifter to work perfectly. Shimano makes one. I've forgotten its code but it starts with RD I think? Alternatively you could use A deore (or similar) MTB FD, if it works with the ring sizes you have.

You will also be best to use a non-V style brake lever. Cantilever levers work best with road calipers. Your LBS should have plenty lying around in spare parts bins.

I hope your bike goes together nicely, flat bar roadies are fun.

re: Flat Bar Road Bike Build-Up ???'sAtombomber
Jun 8, 2003 9:54 AM
Road bars have a 26.0mm bulge, mountain bars have 25.4mm. The stems for each type are size for each type. Using a road stem with a mountain bar will require the use of a shim to take up the difference.