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Hook Bead Rims & Armadillos(3 posts)

Hook Bead Rims & Armadillosdrop-in
Jun 5, 2003 5:52 PM
I just bought some Specialized Armadillos and they recommend a certain air pressure with hook bead rims. I'm not sure what this means. Does it mean they can't be used with non-hook beaded rims? How can I tell if I have hook bead rims?? My rims are some fairly old (I mean retro)Mistral clinchers made in England.

My question is can I use the Armadillos on these rims?

re: Hook Bead Rims & Armadillosalmccm
Jun 5, 2003 7:08 PM
If you don't get an answer here you might try the Specialized Site:

That link should take you to their FAQ page. You can ask a specific question there and get an answer. You may have to register on the site but registration is free.
re: Hook Bead Rims & Armadillosjw25
Jun 6, 2003 5:35 AM
Alright then. A hook bead rim has "hooks" to hold the tire bead on. With the tire off, take a look at the rim, and the tops should have an "L" shape, upside down, of course.
Without seeing the rims, I can almost certainly say they're hooked. The straight style pretty much disappeared as high-pressure clincher tires came to market. Older Schwinn cruisers still use straight-sided rims, but there you can't inflate over a certain pressure, or you risk blowing the tube after the bead slips off.
So, have a look, but I bet you're fine.