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Marchisio Cassettes, experience?(2 posts)

Marchisio Cassettes, experience?MGS
Jun 5, 2003 4:05 PM
These cassettes are available as custom build in any size for both Campy and Shimano.

The idea of building a 12-30 cassette for a Campy10 record hub is appealing as it essentially covers any gearing needed for any type of riding.

Does anyone have any experience with the shifting or quality of these cassettes with the Campy system?
Marchisio AviotexNiemand
Jun 5, 2003 10:33 PM
I have a Marchisio Aviotex cassette.
The sprockets seem to be at least as durable as Campy/Shimano steel sprockets.
Shifting is not as solid as Campy, perhaps on a par with Shimano and certainly not as forgiving of a bad chain line as a full Campy system would be.
Unless you are converting from Shimano to Campy or vice versa, or like changing your sprockets a lot, I would recommend sticking with stock cassettes. Will there really be that much difference between 12-30 and the 13-29 stock Campy cassette?