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B-T-P Carbon Bottle Cages: 13.5 - 17g with bolts.(1 post)

B-T-P Carbon Bottle Cages: 13.5 - 17g with bolts.Bianchi4Me
Jun 4, 2003 1:20 PM
Recently received some very nifty carbon fiber bottle cages that might be interest to the component junkies out there. These are individually hand-made, which is kind of nice in a mechanized, cookie-cutter world. Sample weights are running 13.5g-17g, and that includes the aluminum bolts.

Manufactured in Germany by Bicycle Tuning Parts, these have been re-labeled and sold by Tune Components as a "Tune" product, but haven't been distributed in the U.S.A. to my knowledge until now.

They are laid-up from layers of carbon fiber tape and have the slight cosmetic variations you expect to see with a hand-made product. Since carbon has a relatively high amount of friction, the manufacturer suggests wiping the cage occasionally with an Armor-All type product. This will keep it looking good and allow bottles to slip in and out easily.

The cage is universal in that it will accept any standard bottle. So you don't have to track down any special bottles to go with these cages.

The aluminum mounting bolts are a phillips head design, which reduces the possibilities of breaking them off inside the frame. I'd strongly suggest using an anti-seize compound on the threads of these bolts prior to installation to prevent them from corroding in place.

The manufacturer tells me Gilberto Simoni just won the Giro d'Italia using these cages on his climbing bike for the mountain stages. Another example of how every little gram helps on the climbs...?

You can order these directly from the manufacturer's website in Germany or for a little better deal see them at Odds and Endos.

P.S. to the Spam Police: I did purchase a classified ad for this item.