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the right tools for the job....(2 posts)

the right tools for the job....Grahamalicious
Jun 4, 2003 12:41 PM
What tools will i need to work on my drivetrain?

i'm upgrading from 1997 Shimano 600 to new Ultegra, and i've wondering what tools i'll need for the bottom bracket/crankset. I've got some park tools that i used on my mountain bike to remove/install a regular Shimano XT crank and Bottom bracket, but the crank puller doesn't look like it'll work with the road crank, and i'm not sure about the BB tool or the new shimano BB and crank. can someone tell me what i need?
Some tool optionsCalvin
Jun 4, 2003 1:54 PM
Use the BBT-2 for both older and newer bb's. If you have 20 internal splines in a Shimano bb, the BBT-2 fits. The Ultegra comes stock with a one-key releas system. You do not need a puller, as you ride with it all the time in the arm. (Note: the newer BBT-2 have a larger ID for the larger spindles, as of two years ago.)

For BB work see

For crankarm (spline type) see