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Feedback on AM Classic 420; Rolf Prima (Vigor?)(8 posts)

Feedback on AM Classic 420; Rolf Prima (Vigor?)jimsawino
Jun 4, 2003 10:32 AM
They have both been out for a while, and I've heard rumors that they use the same rim. I'm looking for a lighter wheelset to replace my Ksyriums but one that remains stiff. I weigh only 135-140 but I tend to be pretty hard on wheels, so I'm looking for something that will hold up. On the 420s I've heard that bladed spokes make a stiffer wheel so I would probably go with that option. I heard Rolf sold out of their 2003 stock, but I haven't seen any around. If they are stiff, and durable, it seems like they would be a great wheelset.
My 420s have been repaired more than ridden.alansutton
Jun 4, 2003 12:03 PM
If only the rear hub was reliable.
Mine keeps locking up or spinning freely. Nothing reduces confidence like a bad freehub.
I'm going to put them on Ebay when they get back.
are those campy?weiwentg
Jun 4, 2003 8:28 PM
if they are, I might be interested in buying them.
I had to send my rear back, too, although they've been finebill
Jun 5, 2003 11:59 AM
since I got the rear fixed. Other guys in my club have been using them without complaints.
The problem with the rear was that the pawls stopped engaging, and the sucker just freewheeled. On the 12th mile of use. Did you know that you cannot make a bike with a freewheeling rear go? And then you have to walk?
I called up AmClassic and the guy said, "Oh, man, you're kidding," but something about the way he said it made me think that he wasn't all that surprised. When I asked him whether he ever had heard of this, he said, "Once or twice," but then sometime later he said, "They either go right away or not at all," confirming that this was not an isolated event. When I asked him what to do he asked me whether there were shops around that I trusted, implying that he knew exactly what was wrong. I said, yeah, but I had no idea whether they had seen one of his products before. I sent them back.
"Other than that, the play was great," said Mrs. Lincoln.
No, actually, they are very smooth, and as soon as I get over the hump of not trusting them quite yet, I'm going to race them.
I had to send my rear back, too, although they've been finewongsifu_mk
Jun 5, 2003 4:19 PM
Almost the same thing happened to me after 10 miles ? my rear hub locked and went fixed wheel. I returned them and paid more for a pair of HED Alps. More $$, but they WORK. I did prefer the weight of the 420s, though.
re: Feedback on AM Classic 420; Rolf Prima (Vigor?)russw19
Jun 4, 2003 5:33 PM
I love my American Classics. I am not sure about the rims being the same, but I would actually doubt it. The Rolf is a paired spoke design, the Am Classics are not. The rims will take different stresses. The American Classic rims wouldn't need to be as strong due to having more spokes than the Rolfs, and spread out more. But that is just my thoughts, I have no idea if they use the same rim or not.

As for my wheels, I love them. They are built with bladed spokes, 20 front, 24 rear. Super strong and smooth. They are also fast. I have riden the Rolfs, and I would buy the American Classics before I bought them. The only thing about the American Classics is that some people have problems with the rear hub... if you ever see anything bad written about them, that's it. Nothing about the ride, just the rear hub. I haven't had those problems, and so I love the wheels.

re: Feedback on AM Classic 420; Rolf Prima (Vigor?)CritLover
Jun 4, 2003 7:34 PM
I have a friend just bought a pair of Vigor's last month and he loves 'em. I saw some being raced at a very hilly road race here in NJ by some semi-pro's. I asked them and they said they were awesome.

My favorite LBS has a beautiful black pair hanging up in the shop, unfortunately, I am still saving my pennies and it may be a while. Could give you the # via email if you're interested. Post a review either way, would love to hear how you like the ones you get.
Same, same, sameLeGrimper
Jun 5, 2003 12:20 AM
Take a good look at both wheels. They are the same rims and hubs. The hubs have had minor machining changes.

Id say Rolf has asked Bill Shook if he can have a boat load of his rims and hubs drilled in such a way that he can use his pared spoking pattern.

Question is

For those fancy new Rolf stickers and all the blurb what is the difference. The difference is marketing.

Dont get me wrong. I have a few sets of AMClassic wheels and love them. Ive had none of the problems mentioned although I would expect people to have had some problems somewhere. A friend has been unlucky with Shimano on more than one occasion.

Am Classic stuff is well designed, light and very functional and most importantly it is value for money.

If you like pared spokes knock yourself out but it is a minor advantage in my book.