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wheelset flex(2 posts)

wheelset flexnodima
Jun 4, 2003 8:58 AM
I have read posts concerning wheel flex where people can tell that their wheels are flexing. Having only really ridden one set of wheels, I wonder if mine are flexing. I am about 190lbs, and ride the stock wheels on my 2000 Allez Comp which are Ritchey Hubs with CXP 23 rims.

When in the saddle, my computer sensor does not hit the pickup, but when standing and giving a good effort, I hear an occational ticking sound from the front wheel. This sond seems to correspond roughly to the sensor coming around.

Assuming this is due to the wheel flexing, is this: fixable via an adjustment; require a rebuild; or a new wheel needed?


Insufficient spoke tension...terzo rene
Jun 4, 2003 2:09 PM
can cause both flex and premature failure so that is the first thing to check. but if it's low and has been for any length of time you will need to replace the spokes and nipples (at the minimum) since they will be highly fatigued.

Assuming the wheel was well built the number of spokes is the biggest factor in lateral stiffness. However the type of spokes can make a difference too. Sapim CX-rays build the stiffest wheels in my experience. Versus something like a wheelsmith XL-14 the difference is pretty dramatic.

That said, loose hub bearings can also make similar noises too. Brake pad rub with the pads set close is a more common indicator.