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ghost shifting post II -- suntour shifter question(3 posts)

ghost shifting post II -- suntour shifter questionmaximum15
Jun 3, 2003 5:10 PM
To stop my ghost shifting problem mentioned earlier, I would like to try using the friction shifting option. But I am not sure exactly how to change the shifter from indexed to friction. The shifters are suntour, but no model is written on them. Deraillers are suntour sprint. Rear downtube shifter says "suntour indexed power shifter". I took off the retaining bolt and flipped a plastic spacer 180 degrees and the friction shifting works in the stand. Haven't tried it on the road yet. For the old timers around -- is this the correct way to convert to friction shifting? The plastic spacer has three holes on one side and a slot on the other. Rotating it so the slot is where the three holes were seems to make it a friction shifter.
Might work.the bull
Jun 4, 2003 3:30 AM
The important thing about a friction shifter is it has to stay where you move it.The tension from the spring in the rear derailleur and the shock from the road can work together to slowley move itself in to a higher gear, so it has to be tight,but not tight enough that you cant move it to the perfect spot with ease.If it does not work You should be able to pick up a set of shifters for cheap.
Good luck!
Might work.M_Currie
Jun 4, 2003 7:20 PM
A nice option if you can find them would be the old Suntour ratchet shifters that appeared just before indexing. These have a ratchet for the pull and friction for the push, so they don't have to be so tight, and they hold their adjustment.

By the way, Suntour 7-speed index shifters and their corresponding freewheels have uneven spacing (the two innermost cogs are narrower spaced), and won't index well, if at all, with other brands.