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Campy Wheel build questions: spokes, gauge...(2 posts)

Campy Wheel build questions: spokes, gauge...Spunout
Jun 3, 2003 8:02 AM
I currently run 32h, 3x, 14-15-14 OPs on Chorus hubs, no problems. If I crash, they get trued, end of problem.

I need another set of wheels to sag or race on. I`ll probably do the same, I can`t justify anything else. I may go record hubs, same rims, should I change anything?

I am 165 lbs, a skinny all-rounder at six feet. Should I consider 28 holes, 14-17-14 spokes, different crossings? I`ve no need for a radial front, I`d go 2x at best. Comfort is not necessary, I ride steel. Nothing too crazy that will cause trouble with repairs.

Advice appreciated,

Key question: How hard are you on wheels?Kerry
Jun 3, 2003 5:32 PM
If you're gentle on equipment, you could do with 28 spoke (I recommend Velocity Aerohead for a little stronger, a little lighter than OP), no problems. Whether there's a benefit from 14/17 is open to question - I'd suggest 15/16. 2X front, 3X rear (no need for fancy patterns).