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Saddle help Brooks B-17(9 posts)

Saddle help Brooks B-17fredstaple
Jun 2, 2003 6:48 AM
I am looking into a new bike. Riding a 1982 trek with a Brooks B-17 saddle. Should I change seats, are there more comfortable saddles out there? Any suggestions or should I just stick to the Brooks, does anyone still ride on a Brooks or am I the last of the hard rump dinos that has failed to come into the modern age? I looked at a catelog from Performance and there are so many choices-HELP please.
Whole mess o' Brooks users herecory
Jun 2, 2003 7:56 AM
Any mention of saddles brings out a bunch of Brooks fans here, and also some detractors. I'm a fan--I had an old Pro and a newish B-17, and when it looked like Brooks would go out of business a year or two ago, I bought another B-17, and then somebody gave me one he had in his garage, so I'm Brooksed until the day I die. Good thing, too--I don't see any reason to ride anything else.
You rarely see them on the road in casual riding with the carbon fiber/team jersey/weight weenie crowd, but a lot of people still like them and use them. I've probably bought 20 saddles over the years, but except for one Avocet on my rain/beater bike, I don't ride anything but Brooks these days.
Save $$$Leroy
Jun 2, 2003 9:49 AM
You're not going to find anything better.
Standard procedure ...Humma Hah
Jun 2, 2003 8:26 AM
Brooks owners move their saddle from bike to bike for decades.

When they die, they're buried with their saddles. Used Brooks saddles are very rarely seen for sale.
I have two that I'll sell!davet
Jun 2, 2003 10:41 AM
A B-17 that my butt hates and a Swift that is really to small for me.
That B-17 black?Humma Hah
Jun 2, 2003 10:44 AM
I need one for my Paramount.
That B-17 black?...nope, both are honey.........nmdavet
Jun 2, 2003 10:46 AM
How much for the Swift?.......Len J
Jun 2, 2003 1:47 PM
e-mail me at if interested.

Old Brooks saddles never die.....Alexx
Jun 2, 2003 1:19 PM
but sometimes they just need another coat of Proofhide. If the old saddle gets dry and cracked, try using some neatsfoot oil-does wonders for ancient leather.