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Best All-Around Tires? Sidewall repairs, etc. . .(7 posts)

Best All-Around Tires? Sidewall repairs, etc. . .ElvisMerckx
Jun 2, 2003 6:25 AM
I've been using Conti GP3000s for about 2 years now for training and racing and have had few problems. The other day, I hit a patch of gravel, and, BLAMMO, the sidewall blew out. It left a hole I can poke a finger through. Also, the tire only had about 300 miles on it, but on close inspection, I noticed the tread had already started to square off.

Is the fast tread wear due to the 'softer' colored rubber (yellow), ie, does yellow wear faster than grey, black, et al?

Is there a better all-around tire (with tougher sidewalls) than a GP3K?

Anyone have a good fix for torn sidewalls: duct-tape, velox, dollar bills & tubasti, other?
I've had good luck with Specialized Turbo ArmadillosTower
Jun 2, 2003 8:45 AM
They are kinda heavy @ 385 grams each, but I don't mind that.

I've heard good things about the Continental Ultra Gator Skins, too.
re: Best All-Around Tires? Sidewall repairs, etc. . .Spoke Wrench
Jun 2, 2003 10:43 AM
I've got a set of road wheels mounted with Axial Pros and a set with Turbo Armadillos. I'd rank the Conty Gatorbacks about halfway between for both performance and durability. If I were buying a new set of all-purpose tires today, I think that's what I would get.
I think that tire's done for.jw25
Jun 2, 2003 10:58 AM
If you can poke a finger through, no repair's going to be roadworthy. If you're out riding, and need something to get you home, several layers of duct tape or Tyvek mailing envelope will hold the tube in. Once home, though, I'd trash the tire, or put it on the trainer pile.
For durable tires, I've never had problems with my Michelin Hi-Lite Prestige. I'm fairly sure they're an Axial Super-Comp in disguise. The casing's pretty thick, but they ride well, and the tread compound is sticky, but wears well. Light, and pretty cheap, too. They're red, though (but if you're asking about yellow, I think you'll be okay with these).
My Stradius Pros have taken gravel patches and broken glass with no signs of damage. They can be found fairly cheaply, and they're all black, or with a colored sidewall.
I've also had no problems with Vittoria Rubino Pros, though some reviews here mention cracking. They ride very nicely, too, and are definitely race-worthy.
As far as tread colors vs. wear, I've found all the GP 3000's to square off pretty fast, regardless of color. I'm not heavy, 145-150 lbs, and I wore a 3/16" wide section of the tire flat in 50 miles. Granted, they use a pretty thick tread layer, for a racing tire at least, but yes, they wear fast. Most rear tires are squared off noticeably around here - take a look at a race or group ride.
If you want to stick with Conti, I'd definitely recommend the Gatorskin. They use a natural rubber, which should last longer, as well as sidewall protection. The ride should be similar to the GP 3000's, but personally, I wasn't impressed by them. Maybe I'm spoiled by my Open Corsas?
No problems...Fez
Jun 3, 2003 5:27 AM
You say you've been riding GP3000s for 2 years w/ few problems. It sounds like you have your ideal tire.

Accidents happen once in a while. If you had blowouts every 3 weeks, I'd tell you to get a new brand of tire, but one big blowout over 2 years is not a big deal.

All tires pretty much square off in the back pretty soon. There's a lot of treadlife left even after a tire is visually squared off. More likely you will toss the tire due to cuts in the tread and sidewall than you will for actual wear.

GP3000 is a raceable tire that rides pretty comfortable as well. I like it. I also ride the black ones.
re: Best All-Around Tires? Sidewall repairs, etc. . .DINOSAUR
Jun 3, 2003 6:36 AM
I don't know about "Best All-Around Tire", but I have used a bunch of different tires over the past couple of years, primarily Conti GP 3000's. Conti's are good tires, but I found (for me) they tend to wear fast and are subject to sidewall tears. I am now using Victoria Rubino Pros. They have a harder rubber compound and are holding up better than the Conti's. They run around $40.00 per tire, which is about $9-$8 less than the GP3000's.

Your tire is toast, I blew out the sidewall of a Conti 4-Season with about 1K on it.

Or if you have had good luck with the GP3000's, stick with them and just watch out for the gravel. Finding the perfect tire is like finding the Holy Grail....
re: Best All-Around Tires? Sidewall repairs, etc. . .Chen2
Jun 4, 2003 9:31 AM
I think GP 3000's are good tires but they seem to me to be susceptible to blowouts like yours, hit a sharp rock, sidewall blows. This is one reason I switched to Michelin Axial Pros, superceded by Pro Race. I think Michelin has a better sidewall and the beads fit the rim tighter.

I carry a 3" peice of innertube in my bag to use as a boot for blowouts, works better than paper money.