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BB installation angst! Any De Rosa owners?(5 posts)

BB installation angst! Any De Rosa owners?Cat 3 boy
Jun 2, 2003 1:30 AM
You may have seen my posts droning on about getting a DE Rosa, well finally IT'S HERE!!

Beautiful red/blue Merak, truly the best finish I've ever seen on a bike.

Took it to the lbs who fitted a Record BB into my Specialized Aluminium frame, they ran a mile! Too worried about stripping the threads to even contemplate trying. They said they "have a go" but at my risk, ie another £1000 for a new frame if they trashed it.

This hardly did my confidence any good, so now I'm off to a good frame builder in Bristol, Argos, to see if they have the know how to fix me up.

Is this a common problem with lightweight alu frames?? Any De Rosa owners out there?
Geez, what's the problem?jw25
Jun 2, 2003 9:18 AM
If I were the LBS, I'd worry more about crossthreading than stripping the threads. If they have BB taps, to chase the threads, havethem run those through lightly, then install the dang BB. Make sure they use plenty of grease, and torque it to spec, and all should be fine.
There's nothing special about aluminum threads, especially the big ones of a BB shell. Maybe they've screwed up an install recently? Otherwise, I'm not sure why they're scared.
Geez, what's the problem?russw19
Jun 2, 2003 10:49 AM
What is the problem? They should have faced the shell for you first.. then chased the threads.. should install like butter if they know what they are doing.

They (and you) are aware that the DeRosa uses an Italian bottom bracket, right?

At least one question is answeredKerry
Jun 2, 2003 4:40 PM
The question would be "Should I let this shop do any serious work on my bikes?" The answer would be "Not on a bet!" These guys appear to be what school teachers generously describe as "On the low side of average."
At least one question is answeredCat 3 boy
Jun 3, 2003 1:58 AM
Yeah I have the correct Italian BB waiting to go in, the shop has always been good to me, they build frames & have all the right taps etc to sort out an Italian threaded BB.

I was surprised they were so worried as before they've faced & installed BBs in aluminium frames no problem!

I think part of the problem was the owner who was p*ssed that I didn't buy the frame from them. I explained that I had no idea they could source De Rosa's & they'd never offered to get me one even though I hang around talking about which new frame etc.

I got my De Rosa mail order from Parker International who are 100s of miles from me, they were really helpful on the phone, measured the frame for me to check exactly how long the TT was before I bought it. I asked them to install the BB, but they forgot.

I'd rather take it to a very good not so local shop than mail it back to Parker's again. On Thursday I get a chance to get this problem finally sorted & at last build & ride the dream to follow.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.