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Correct BB Tool for World Class Ti BB(1 post)

Correct BB Tool for World Class Ti BBconorb
Jun 1, 2003 3:57 PM

I'm planning on upgrading to a Record Triple 10sp drive train so I need to remove the World Class Ti BB that is currently installed in my bike. I've got a Park BBT-2 tool, but it doesn't seem to fit very well.

According to the Park Tool website the BBT-2 should be the one to use, but when I place the tool into the splines everything lines up okay, but the tool doesn't seat into the bb shell very well, in fact I would say not really at all. It's almost as though the splines on the Park BB tool are too thick.

Is there another tool that I should be using instead? I don't want to damage the cups on the BB because I would like to install it on my commuting bike.

Any help here?