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bontrager race lites vs. mavic cosmos(3 posts)

bontrager race lites vs. mavic cosmoscurdog
May 31, 2003 7:38 PM
Hey I was up in a bike shop today looking for wheels and the guy had both bontrager race lites and mavic cosmos for $300. I'm about 175 lbs and want a strong wheel I don't have to worry about. $300 or below is about the range i'm looking for. what would you all go for? thanks,

re: bontrager race lites vs. mavic cosmosLone Gunman
Jun 1, 2003 7:40 AM
Currently riding Racelites that were warranteed for Vector Comps. I have nothing to worry about in my opinion. I was considering Mavic Cosmos or Elites before I lucked into the Racelites warranty deal exchange on a set of wheels (Rolfs) that had 10k miles on them. Was also looking at a site, He has some great deals on wheelsets that are in your ballpark more or less built to your specs. I would not hesitate at all on the Mavics, solid wheelset.
Uh, neither?Kerry
Jun 1, 2003 3:55 PM
For $300, you can get DA or Record with Velocity Aeroheads built up by Colorado Cyclist or Excel. Why get the inferior factory wheels for the same price?