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Bar and stem measurements ...(2 posts)

Bar and stem measurements ...Humma Hah
May 31, 2003 4:42 PM
... I'm hoping to scrounge up a set of vintage Cinelli bars and stem. I'm trying to come close to a present setup that's comfortable. I know the Cinelli bars I want are 26.4 mm diameter, so I'll need a Cinelli 1A stem, and the drops on the 66-40's are about an inch deeper than my present drops so I'll need a stem that adjusts higher than the present one.

So I'm looking at stems on e-bay, and I have NO idea what the "length" dimension means. I could make some sense out of something like bar center height above the max height mark, or bar center forward of headset centerline measurements, and it seems to me you'd need BOTH dimensions. The stems I'm seeing the seller just gives "10 cm" or "12.5 cm", plus the bar diameter.

What does the 66, 64, 63 etc number on these bars refer to? Seems to pertain to drop, but I have not broken the code.
Those measurements are the reach (horiz. length)Kerry
Jun 1, 2003 4:41 PM
A 10 cm stem is 10 cm from the center of the stem bolt to the center of the bars. The 1A stem has a "standard" vertical distance (about 10 cm from the minimum insertion point to the maximum insertion depth) regardless of length.