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Campag/Shimano drivetrain questions(5 posts)

Campag/Shimano drivetrain questionsdawgcatchr
May 30, 2003 10:40 PM
Hi. A couple of questions about Campy/Shimano compatibility. I am interested in upgrading my drivetrain to Chorus 10spd from current Dura Ace.

First question: Can I use my Dura Ace 7700 crankset in conjunction with a 10 speed Campag rear cog? I was thinking their may be some chain compatibility issues up front.

Second question: What cassette is the best choice if I want to stick with my Shimano-compatible Rolf Vector Pro wheels? I really like these wheels and see no reason to upgrade if I can avoid it. I know both Wheels Mfg. and American Classic make Campy 10spd cassetes for shimano freehub bodies-which is the better choice? Any other options?

Thanks for your advice, I appreciate it!
re: Campag/Shimano drivetrain questionsweiwentg
May 31, 2003 7:19 AM
1) yes
2) probably wheels. they're made from ultegra/DA cassettes. I'd heard that am classic made theirs from 105 cassettes, but can't remember who said that.
re: Campag/Shimano drivetrain questionsrussw19
Jun 1, 2003 7:15 PM
Not true about the American Classic cassette.

I have a few extra, and they are based off the Ultegra cassette. They are quite a bit cheaper than the Wheels cassette too.

The Wheels cassettes come in two versions... one that is based on an Ultegra and one based on Dura-Ace. The D-A has 4 Ti cogs, the ultegra doesn't.

But between the two, I think Wheels has a few more options, but the American Classic is nearly 30% cheaper.

re: Campag/Shimano drivetrain questionsJuanmoretime
Jun 2, 2003 12:45 AM
The Wheels cassette are lighter also.
re: Campag/Shimano drivetrain questionsrussw19
Jun 2, 2003 11:08 AM
The Dura-Ace one is lighter than a record cassette.. it's nice, but really pricey. But it is lighter than the Steel/Ti Record cassette, not the full Ti. And even as pricey as it is... it's still about the same as the Steel/Ti Record Cassette. So if you go this route the trade off is minimal. The American Classic is a good route for a training wheel, as even though they are the heaviest, they are the cheapest.

Keep in mind that the weights for the American Classic includes the lockring.. weight for Wheels cassettes don't. Lockring is about 18 grams.. so the weight is actually closer than at first glance, but the wheels cassettes are still lighter.. but at $35 to $60 more for the ultegra based cassette compared to the A.C.

Just broadening the info everyone is putting up here...