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My feet are hurting!(8 posts)

My feet are hurting!Pewe
May 27, 2003 7:34 AM
I have a brand new pair of Sidi Genius and after about 30 minutes of riding my feet are starting to hurt. When I release the straps and buckle they seem to get a bit better but then the shoe feels a bit loose. What's your experience on this subject? Could it be something in my position on the bike?
re: My feet are hurting!268generation
May 27, 2003 8:10 AM
Does your ball and arc of your foot hurt ? if you do i have exact same problem too. I was told it was fit issue which i think is BS, im gonna go and get a arc support or something and see if it makes any difference.
What about numbness in your feet?...theweasonator
May 27, 2003 8:53 AM
After I ride for about an hour. I start to feel some numbness from the ball of my foot forward into my toes. I ride both mountain and road and typically feel it more on road than mountain (because I am pedaling more as well as at a slower cadence and more torque)

I say this because I started as a roadie and then mtb. My cadence is typically 85-110 rpm but usually ride road around 85-92 rpm and mtb at 95+.

Has anyone run into the numbness and what did they do about it?
Numbness later turns into pain...TFerguson
May 27, 2003 2:09 PM
I too start out with the numbness after an hour or two which then turns to a pretty severe pain after 3-4 hours. Right foot worse than left. I moved the cleat back about a quarter inch and it has improved a lot. Now the numbness comes after 3-4 hours but does not get to pain. I am still trying other things for further relief.

Also, I find that I have to have the straps set so that the shoe feels a little loose. They need to be loosened during the ride as the feet swell.

Ah....maybe my shoes are getting tight.theweasonator
May 28, 2003 5:50 AM
I have the older Sidi Genius' circa '95 that have the ratchet in the buckle. Maybe I need to loosen them up after about 30 minutes. I'll try that and maybe moving the cleat as well.

What kind of pain?McAndrus
May 27, 2003 6:09 PM
Without knowing exactly what kind of pain your experiencing, it's tough to render a judgement but I can tell you about mine.

A few years ago I switched from SPD to Campagnolo pedals as I evolved from a touring rider into a true roadie. I started developing very painful calluses on the balls of my feet.

I treated them with callus remover - available at any drugstore - and it helped a lot.

Because of a sore left knee, I switched to Speedplays. Not only did the Speedplays help my knee but the calluses went away as well. It's something in the Campagnolo cleat that my foot doesn't like.
May 28, 2003 6:23 AM
You may be tightening the straps/ratchet too tight on your Sidis. As you cycle, your feet swell on longer rides. Try starting out with the shoes feeling a little loose, but not so much they slide around. Also, you might try some new insoles like Superfeet and other brands specific to cycling. The standard insoles in Sidis are pretty pitiful. I replaced mine almost immediately because I have narrow feet and no arches and needed the Superfeet insoles for proper fit. However, I still occasionally get "hot feet" on longer rides -- and the apparent cause is from tightening the straps too much OR wearing thin socks that let my feet slide around too much in the shoes.
I struggled with hot spots on the balls of both feet.dzrider
May 28, 2003 12:43 PM
I was encouraged to move the cleat farther back and try riding with orthotics (I already had them). The idea is to spread the pressure across as much of your foot as possible.