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Connex link question.(7 posts)

Connex link question.slide13
May 25, 2003 6:14 PM
Ok, I took my chain off today to clean it and I forgot which way the Connex link goes back on. I know it's supposed to go on a certain way. So, with the connex link moved to the top of the chain (sitting over the chainstay) should teh groove on the outside form a valley or a peak? Thanks.
re: Connex link question.Smiker
May 26, 2003 1:02 AM
Basically, I just go by how it looks. Look at the low side (if the connex link is above the chainstay) of the link, and make sure it looks like a normal link. The other side is a bit lumpy, so it makes it jump a little in the 11T (or 12T) if it's put on thw wrong way. Does that make sense?

better way...C-40
May 26, 2003 3:47 AM
The slot should form a peak when viewed from the side, on the lower section of chain.

Even easier, the slotted half of the link should point toward the back of the bike, the fixed pin toward the front.
One more Connex link question.al0
May 26, 2003 1:07 PM
BTW, how this link is installed on chain? I.e., if I have brand new Shinmano chain and want to install connex link what else I need (e.g. do I need chain tool, Shimano connecting pins to attach link to the chain ?
One more Connex link question.tobinb
May 26, 2003 4:07 PM
The connex link had a pin at both sides so each half just drops into the holes at the inny bits (as opposed to the outy bits). There are no tools needed, except to chop the chain to length when you first get it. the two sides join together by fitting them at a 90 degree angle, then pulling straight, no tools needed to get it on or off. Im not sure if you can put a connex link on a shimano chain, why dont you try it then report back!
One more Connex link question.al0
May 27, 2003 4:39 AM
Thank you for responce. I definitly know that after first installation I need no tools to deal with connex link, I was just curios about first install. Concerning Shimano chains - AFAIK connex link have fit them, but nevertheless I would post results of my try (as soon as I would have time to visit LBS and by those notorious link)
If they don't have a Connex, use the Sachs/SRAM Linkrussw19
May 27, 2003 10:05 AM
They make a Connex link to fit Shimano Chains... it's just the 9 speed link. You need a tool to initially cut your chain to length.. after that, you don't.

The Connex works well on the Shimano chain, but no better than the Sachs/SRAM Power Link, which is often cheaper at most shops. If your shop has both the Connex and the Sachs, pick the cheaper one, the performance is the same. If they only have the Sachs/SRAM, don't fret it and just use that. It's not worth special ordering one for the sake of not using the other. I have used both for a number of years on countless chains on even more countless miles... they both work equally well.