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105 upgrade?(4 posts)

105 upgrade?jptaylorsg
May 19, 2003 6:14 PM
I'm going to be buying a new frame, and I was planning on swapping my full 105 group onto it. Someone suggested using the new frame as an excuse to upgrade to Ultegra (something that wasn't exactly in my budget, though it would allow me to sell the old bike and would then be a much smaller hit). My question is: If I'm not a racer/super speed guy (I like long rides), and I'm a clydesdale (6'4", 220) to boot, does the swap out make that much sense? I don't mind the extra weight. Should I just get select Ultegra stuff (real derailleur, etc.) for better performance?
re: 105 upgrade?russw19
May 19, 2003 6:33 PM
My opinions on this.. there are two ways to handle this.

One is to keep your old bike in tact. Sell it complete and don't swap your parts over. Often people don't realize that all your stuff may not transfer over anyways. Different frames use different parts like headsets and bottom brackets and seatposts. If your old bike is a 1" threaded headset and your new one is 1 1/8th threadless, you will need a new headset and stem. Things like this create problems... selling your old bike in tact and buying a complete new bike eliminates some of those problems.

The second way to do this is to just upgrade a few things that matter most. Like wheels, shifters and rear derailleur. Brake calipers, front derailleur, headset... those are low priority upgrades... wheels and shifters would be more noticeable.. do those first. Also if you are not comfortable on your bike, change contact points. Seat, bars, stem, even handle bar tape can change a bike's feel.

Hope that helps you out some... either way, have fun on your new frame.

re: 105 upgrade?Akirasho
May 19, 2003 6:36 PM
... there's no fundamental reason to "upgrade" to Ultegra (or bits and pieces of) if you're happy with the form and function of your 105...

Gains in overall performance would be marginal so it's pretty much your own choice... many of us can't pass on the "excuse" to "upgrade" something from time to time.

Be the bike.
re: 105 upgrade?xxl
May 24, 2003 4:05 PM
I'm a similar type/sized rider, and I went with mostly 105 stuff, except for the cassette and BB. My reasoning was that the weight/performance differences were minimal, esp. for the non-racer, and in the case of the hubs, 105 axles are steel, while Ultegra and higher are alloys (albeit with marginally better bearings; again, though, if you're not racing, and a Clyde ...) But the drivetrain upgrades were done because I'd read that the Ultegra BB bearings were a tad better, and that the cassettes were slightly harder metal (i.e., more durable?) Plus, these were about the cheapest Ultegra upgrades, so that I could tell people "yeah, my new ride is a mix of Ultegra and 105."

Then, with the money I saved, I blew it on some Ksyriums that the shop had to deal out (which blows my "hub axle" reason all to hell). In retrospect, I'm happy as a pig in mud, and really, really do notice the difference those high-dollar wheels make.

One thing to remember is that honest-to-goodness "racing" parts, like Lance might use, really aren't expected to last, since they're swapped out so much. Think of high-end tires as an example. Yes, they are lighter, but that's mainly because there is so much less rubber to them, and they won't last as long as many tires a third the price. But, that's because they're designed for speed races, not endurance races.