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AL stem slipping on CF steerer (xpost from general)(5 posts)

AL stem slipping on CF steerer (xpost from general)JS Haiku Shop
May 19, 2003 6:00 AM
J2 has a new (to him) Coppi with CF fork & CF steerer. he's using a Cinelli Alter stem (AL), and it's slipping during sprints and efforts. he's got the bolts cranked down pretty tight.



re: AL stem slipping on CF steerer (xpost from general)paul3d
May 19, 2003 8:27 AM
Based on the minimal information, I will assume its a 1 inch steerer due to the stem being used. When you say slipping is that from left to right or up and down? If the later then it could be the top of the steerer is hitting the top cap and not allowing the assembly to stay tight. For the left and right, you may want to check for grease on the steerer. Either way, take it easy till you figure this out, could be dangerous.
alter=1", slipping=L-R nmJS Haiku Shop
May 19, 2003 9:44 AM
Is the headset adjusted correctly?Mike Prince
May 19, 2003 8:42 AM
If so, then the top cap adjustment is OK. Check the steerer for grease as well as the shim if it is used. Not sure what else it could be off the top of my head. If he takes it to the Thursday night ride, I'll be happy to take a look.

he'll be absent thursday night this weekJS Haiku Shop
May 19, 2003 9:49 AM
but i will probably be there.

the third component of this equation, the coppi, will be in his garage. not that he wouldn't let me ride it, but that i might not be able to sneak it back into his garage without his knowledge. :)

i'm guessing it's properly adjusted. no shim, the alter is a 1" and the is a 1".