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vote now for my new wheelset....(16 posts)

vote now for my new wheelset....bicycle268
May 19, 2003 5:04 AM
Hello all. Having lurked/posted here for several years now I've come to the conclusion that the vast majority of ya'll are knowledgable and experienced cyclists. So.... the majority vote will decide which wheelset I shall grab.

I am: 5'10", 164 lbs, will race as well as train (part-time) on these wheels.

I am looking for durabilty, light weight, aero-ness and reasonable price, in that order.
my choices:

ksyrium sl
am classic 420
zipp 303 tub ($$$)
zipp 303 clinch
hed alps ($$$)

thanks in advance
Okay!the bull
May 19, 2003 6:02 AM
Mavic Kysyrium sl ssc!
Good everyday wheel you can race on.
If you look around you can get them for about $600!
Not as aero as the others but strong and light!
Once your moving fast they are pretty aero.
re: vote now for my new wheelset....speedisgood
May 19, 2003 6:32 AM
I'd say the Zipp 303 clinchers would be my first choice. Zipps are pretty solid, lighter than the Ksyriums and aero, tho the price may be an issue, altho it's last on your list. I also had a problem with the aluminum part of the rim warping on a set of 650c 440's from a few years ago when Zipp first came out with their clinchers. You might want to verify that the problem is fixed.

The Ksyriums would be my next choice altho I think the Cosmic Elites are a pretty good 2nd choice too.

You def want clinchers if you're gonna train on the wheels. Otherwise I'd say get some tubies.
re: vote now for my new wheelset....TNSquared
May 19, 2003 8:04 AM
1. Ksyrium SL - for the money can't go wrong, 5 million people riding them with overwhelmimgly positive reviews says something
2. Velomax - if you're looking for something a little different. They are about the same retail price as the Ksyrium's, but almost nobody rides them (fairly new and small company.) I'm eyeing these for that very reason plus the impressive tech. info. on their website. Specifically, I'm looking at the Tempest II's, 30mm deep rims and total weight of 1500 grams per pair. The Ascents are even lighter. I posted here a few weeks back about Velomax, and only got a few responses, but very positive. If that sounds interesting to you, see more at
Go for the 420'sSwat Dawg
May 19, 2003 8:17 AM
I have been researching wheels a lot lately, and from what I can tell the 420 is going to be the best what your looking for. The added plus is that they will cost the same as the K's but you will be able to get a custom build on them to fit your specific needs. I called AMC and asked them if I could use a set for CX and he said, "While I can't say yes to hardcore off-road use, they are definitely strong enough for it. Just get a set build up 20F/24R." I am 5'9" 160-63, and have the same concerns. I would even think about training everyday on a set of carbon wheels, and the K's, though very durable, are an expensive pain in the a$$ to repair when they do break. They also aren't aero at all, which Mavic would have you believe is the wheels strength. The 420's will be lighter, equally durable, easier to repair, more aerodynamic, and cost about the same. I met a few people at races with the 420's and they absolutely love them. One lady said they felt just as fast as the zipps she had on her time trial bike, and were stiffer in corners. Go 420, and post how you like them, and how you had them build up. They're my next wheel. Check the website:
Go for the 420'srussw19
May 19, 2003 11:41 AM
I have a set of 420's and I love them. They are great. In your case SwatDawg, I would tell you to talk to Jaysen at AMC about your cross wheels and have them build them with the mountain front hub. It's about 70% stronger but only 20% heavier. If you built a cross wheelset like that with 2 cross bladed spokes up front, it would be plenty strong and still super light.

At the beginning of this year I bought a pair of 420's with the plan of riding them the first half of the year, then riding the rest of the year on my Cane Creek Volos Ti wheels. It's a really tough choice as to which I like more.

The 420's are plenty stiff, but I had mine built tough and extra strong...(20 front radial bladed spokes, 24 rear bladed 2 cross spokes) but they are still lighter than the Ksyrium's we carry at the shop I work at. Plus I can order the spokes without having to go thru Mavic. Anyone who works at a shop who has had to deal with Mavic knows how big of a deal this is. I don't care what you say about Ksyriums, love them or hate them, but dealing with Mavic on warranty issues is not pleasant. I love Ksyriums, but I think there are better wheels out there for the money. If you buy a bike that has Ksyriums on it, great! Keep em on there! But if I were gonna buy a brand new pair of wheels... they wouldn't be my first choice.

Just my opinion.
I don't know about the 420salansutton
May 20, 2003 1:27 PM
Some of you have have good luck- I haven't.
The rear hub is giving me problems. First, the freewheel started to slip. Next, the freewheel locked up like a fixed gear. Now, I have NO confidence in these wheels. They are currently on their way back.
I don't know about the 420sLeak
May 20, 2003 4:13 PM
Yes, me too. I had to send my rear wheel back to get the freehub fixed and now have just received my front wheel back because the hub had developed excessive play and was making a metallic "clunking" noise.

What bothered me the most was that it seemed like AC almost expected these issues but didn't offer any apologies or consideration.

Kudos to Mike Garcia at Oddsandendos though for "shepherding" these fixes through with AC for me!

Best of luck to you if you decide to go with the 420s...seems pretty hit and miss quality wise right now.
re: vote now for my new wheelset....Ye Olde Balde One
May 19, 2003 8:37 AM
I'd get a set of Velocity Fusion rims built up with something like 18h front, 24h rear. I have a set like this built myself, they are lighter than Ksyrium SL's, which aren't that light anyway.

Cost is a lot lower than any of the wheels you mention, in fact you could buy 2-3pairs of wheels like I mention for the price of ONE of the more $$$ sets you list.

As an aside, there is on Ebay auctions for Velocity Deep-V wheels on Edco Olympic hubs at really good prices - less than $300 a pair, those might be worth looking at, and from the sound of it there areoptions available, that might include the lighter Fusion rims. I have no connection other than seeing the auctions listed and thought it was pertanent.

very detailed and well thought out responses so far! thnks (nm)bicycle268
May 19, 2003 9:01 AM
very detailed and well thought out responses so far! thnks (nm)wackycyd
May 19, 2003 11:55 AM
b "Anyone for Camp. Eurus?????????????"

At the top end of the new generation of medium-profile wheels, characterized by the G3 spoke system and the 30-mm rims, there are the EURUS wheels, which are a top-class product, aerodynamic yet very light.
The rims lightened by a special machining, the spokes with variable cross-section in the G3 configuration and the Record class HPW hubs combine to create a pair of wheels weighing little more than 1500 grams that have the speed of high-profile wheels and the weight and comfort that are typical of low-profile wheels.
The rear wheel provides record-breaking torsional and lateral stiffness thanks to the G3 system, which doubles right-side spokes, reduces spoke tension and gives an even lighter rim section.
The front wheel combines the new HPW hub with radial spoke lacing and a lightweight profile. A product for top-flight competitions that not only provides the outstanding performance that people have come to expect but also stands out through design creativity, engineering sophistication and unique styling.

Is there a better wheelset out there for your money?.... I ask
re: vote now for my new wheelset....Bruno S
May 19, 2003 7:08 PM
I would go for the Ksyriums SL. Why? Because (insert your favorite pro-cyclist here) has won (insert your favorite race here) on them.
It was a tough call but here's my choice......bicycle268
May 20, 2003 4:27 AM
Mavic ksyrium ssl The votes have it!!

**thanks to all for their input and advice!!

Tough decision because none of the choices mentioned are crap... they're all quality products.

What ultimately swayed me towards the SSL's (besided all your input) was the fact that I've put about 25k miles on a set of 2000 Ksyriums without a single problem. This type of proven durability was the deciding factor.

BUT... I think I may just grab a second set towards the end of the summer...420's it'll be.

Well if you're gonna get the K's now, get a set of carbons laterSwat Dawg
May 20, 2003 8:22 AM
You'll have the K's to train on and race(?), so why get the 420's (except price). If I had a set of bombproof wheels, the other set would be fast as hell race wheels. The deep section(58mm) wheels are the best overall, and heck for that matter the front wheel is most beneficial, so getting just a 58mm carbon for the front would be the best value and make the most difference.

Just an extra $.02
point a couple months i'll.....bicycle268
May 20, 2003 9:13 AM
have either the extra money to spring for the "all out" carbon wheels or I'll wear the wife down with reason. thanks
my votejohnmyster
May 21, 2003 9:57 AM
Ksyriums. I can't speak as much for the steel spoked "elites," but...

Granted I've got only a few thousand miles on mine, but they're still perf true, with no loss of spoke tension yet. A friend bought a set of them, pre-production, off of a neutral support dude in europe, years ago, and he swears by them. Race 'em, wreck 'em, ride 'em all the time, and don't think about worrying about them, ever. I call them durable. I asked about getting extra spokes at my shop, they said "why?"

If I got another set of wheels, they'd probably be carbon boys, but only as long as I had these to use 90% of the time anyway. Everybody likes to poo-poo on the K's for their semi-boxed section rim as not being to aero. When I get around to writing up a report on why (kidding), the summary will be mainly on why the spokings are as important, if not more important than the rim profile (rims spin down the road, common one directional aerodynamics don't apply so much). Yeah, they're not as aero as the 420 or zipp, but I'll argue that the difference is far less than common sense would show. K's have those big, black, flat aluminum spokes. Quite aero for spokes, and hey, they ride super, and you'll never have to worry about rim tape (K's don't have rim tape.) Find a good deal, and you'll never regret it.