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Zipp 404 in crosswinds(3 posts)

Zipp 404 in crosswindstrendl
May 19, 2003 1:42 AM
I am seriously considering buying a set of Zipp carbon wheels. I may go with the higher profile 404's over the lighter but less aero 303's. My only concern is how these wheels behave in crosswinds. So far, I ride Mavic Open Pros and CPX 33's. Thanks in advance
How much you weigh is a factor, in the wind. (nm)mja
May 19, 2003 4:14 AM
Crosswinds can be a problemKerry
May 19, 2003 5:43 PM
How much of a problem they are for you is a combination of your local riding conditions, your bike handling skills, and your weight. I can tell you that around here, they are a problem for even relatively heavy (170 lb+) skilled riders, because we have wide open spaces and flat land. If you ride only in the hills, crosswinds are seldom an issue. Horses for courses.