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Anyone tried Modolo Bars?(3 posts)

Anyone tried Modolo Bars?JerryZ
May 18, 2003 4:23 AM
The Modolo Curvisima KX Carbon bars look interesting.
What do you think of them?
I hear that they are very tastyMR_GRUMPY
May 18, 2003 11:38 AM
But the carbon bits get stuck in my teeth.
re: Anyone tried Modolo Bars?wackycyd
May 19, 2003 12:02 PM
Yeh, I've been using Modolo 8x (8 bends) for years now, not the cheapest of bars out there, but then again, no other manufacturer makes bars like Modolo, do they?

The caron's are nice, but I've always been one for alloy bars.

Give 'em a go, great when climbing!