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Zipp 404 questions.(3 posts)

Zipp 404 questions.Qubeley
May 17, 2003 4:07 PM
I am thinking of getting a pair of 404 clinchers.
can someone tell me how durable are these wheels? There's a mixed reviews on the board. Are they really fragile?
I heard they are no longer UCI legal, true or rumor?
re: Zipp 404 questions.Akirasho
May 17, 2003 6:23 PM
... just recently acquired a set of 404 clinchers, but have put several K over varied terrain, but generally good roads on 404 tubulars with nary a complaint (minor hub adjustments).

Fundamentally, these are well built race wheels, but I don't think that you could apply the adjective "bombproof"... meaning, I don't expect that they'd take too kindly to some kinds of punishments (what would your application of said wheels be?)

As for UCI regs...

... and...


February 26, 2002

MEMO: Re: 2002 UCI Wheel Regulations – Article 1.3.018
To: Provincial / Territorial Associations; Road & Track Chief Commissaires; National Training & Development Centres
From:Brett Stewart, Competition Coordinator

This memo is to advise that the CCA will strictly adhere to the new international wheel regulations, as outlined in Article 1.3.018, effective for 2002. The regulations will apply to all rider categories and all levels of sanctioned competition in Canada.

The overriding consideration, with regard to this matter, is that the new wheel regulations address safety issues rather than issues of equipment performance or advantage. On this basis, the CCA has obtained a legal opinion cautioning that, failure to adhere to Article 1.3.018 for all levels of domestic competition would present a significant potential liability to the association.

Please note the following points of clarification with regard to Article 1.3.018. It is important to establish a common interpretation and application of the new wheel regulations across Canada:

1. The new wheel regulations apply to "mass start" road events only. For example, Road races & Criteriums. (The testing procedure is specific to road considerations).
2. It is important to understand the definition of a "Traditional Wheel", as these wheels need not be tested and approved for mass start events. There are specific dimensional requirements that apply, however, the general reference implies: any wheel (between 650 c - 700 c) that has a rim with a very minimal aerodynamic profile (less than 2.5 cm) and at least 16 metal spokes (which can be bladed within dimensional standards). Under these parameters many wheel designs will meet the definition. Commissaires can easily make a visual determination by applying the principles of a "Traditional Wheel".
3. Commissaires need only be concerned with wheels that clearly do not meet the visual requirements of a "Traditional Wheel". The telltale signs of a non-traditional wheel are obvious. Pronounced aero profile rim (metal or composite construction), fewer than 16 spokes, spokes which are excessively bladed (metal or composite construction),etc.

The UCI has posted an initial list of approved "non-traditional" wheels on their web site This list will grow as more manufactures have wheels approved in accordance with the UCI testing procedure. The UCI should be considered the only source to verify approved wheels. If a "non-traditional" wheel does not appear of the UCI approved list, the wheel must be disallowed for mass start events.

... and...

Be the bike.
re: Zipp 404 questions.mja
May 18, 2003 7:55 AM
I too just acquired 404 clinchers (just 200 miles so far). No problems.

Zipp assures anyone that asks that previous reliability problems in the clinchers have been solved. (According to Zipp problem was with vendor heat treatment of the aluminum rim.)