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2003 Shimano 105 vs. Ultegra vs. 1997 600(5 posts)

2003 Shimano 105 vs. Ultegra vs. 1997 600Grahamalicious
May 16, 2003 2:16 AM
I want to upgrade my '97 Lemond Zurich to something newer, so i can have a triple setup and a flight deck, and i have a few questions.

I've looked at Ultegra vs. 105, and while i assume that both will be better than my current 600 setup, i can't decide which seems the better of the two. 105 is $52 less for everything, (on supergo, anyway, BB, Crank, Brakes, Shifters, Deraleurs), and is only 38 grams heavier (based on shimano's numbers, and by my math a little more than an ounce). It also has a higher review numbers here, but it seems like 105 people are happy with what they have vs. ultegra and ultegra people aren't has happy with what they have vs. Dura-Ace. (is this crazy?) Oh, and as much as I love Italian things (Chianti, the food, my Northwaves) i'm NOT interested in campy...mostly because i like STI better and shimano hasn't done me wrong so far. So no campy for me. anyway, the pros and cons, as i see them...

Ultegra Pros:
38g Lighter
It says Ultegra (i don't really care, but at least its keeping in with the spirit of the bike)
Not much more

$52 is a fair bit of beer money...

105 Pros:
$52 is a fair bit of beer money...
Its black (would look slick with my Rolf Wheels)

Its black (i'd be awfully tempted to add black post/bar/stem/bottle cages and paint the frame black to have that total stealth look)
38G heavier

Can anyone think of any other differneces?
b Do i want Ultegra just because it says Ultegra, or would it really work better?

Does $1.47 a gram just seem like a terrible deal to me, or anyone else?

Oh, and the rest of the bike...
'97 Zurich, '01 Vector Comps, TTT bars, stock post/stem/headset, and it would also be getting new 959 pedals, a wired flightdeck, Ultegra 11/23 Cassette a chain, and new Cables/Housings.
re: 2003 Shimano 105 vs. Ultegra vs. 1997 600LC
May 16, 2003 8:25 AM
Difference is mostly in the shifters. When you read the reviews you have to be careful of which model they are reviewing. The Ultegra 6510 model has the ball bearing just like the Dura Ace instead of the sleave bearing of the 105 and older 6500 Ultegra which had alot of complaints and rattled. Of course I could be off here since I have not actually tried the newer black 105 shifters.

I also have to wonder what the 105 crank arms will look like when the black gets warn off by your shoes.
Dude... You are making way too much out of thisFez
May 16, 2003 2:15 PM
The pros and cons you list are pretty insignificant.

First of all, you aren't going to notice the grams, 38 grams or otherwise.

And dude, if $52 is that important to you, DON'T WASTE IT ON BEER!!! All it does is work against your fitness and it has this strange way of making not-so-good-looking girls desirable.

I think Ultegra is marketed so heavily by big retailers, it sometimes costs the same or less than 105. The Ultegra is a little nicer, but not enough to really notice. If you can notice it anywhere, I would say its in the hubs and the shifter.

If you are on a budget, I think you would get more bang for the buck and weight savings by getting a new carbon fork, headset and stem.

But it boils down to the finish. If you want a shiny one, go with Ultegra. If you want less shine, 105 silver is fine. If you want black, go for 105 black.

And by the way, the old 600 Ultegra is OK stuff. If it ain't worn, don't get rid of it. If you want 9-speed or a triple, then OK. But that's a lot of trouble and expense if you just want a FlightDeck. And I think you don't need to replace the brakeset, unless you want the finish to match with the new stuff.
Dude... You are making way too much out of thisGrahamalicious
May 18, 2003 12:25 AM
I just need to write that to justify it to myself, really, that 105 was ok, but then i found a 2002 Trek 2300 for a total steal, so i may consider just going that route.
I have not done a price comparison...Lone Gunman
May 18, 2003 5:27 PM
of Ultegra to Dura Ace, but I am shopping to replace the Ultegra triple drivetrain on my '99 Lemond. I have found that for about $460 shipped from Jenson USA I could have an F&R DA Derailleur, DA STI, new 42 Ultegra middle ring (contemplating doing a TA 39t ring, that is a whole nuther story, true 39t ring for Ultegra does not exist, whole host of perceived problems) and a SRAM chain. My cassette is newer and the rest of my rings and crank are okay. Need a new Ultegra bb included in the $460.

It is simple; 105 is good, Ultegra is better, DA is best. The dividing factor whether to go higher or not seems to be 10K miles a season. Above that go DA, below Ultegra is more than enough 105 is good enough. I have gotten 4 seasons and possible 10-12K out of my Ultegra, the old stuff. Upgrading to DA cause I can and I put a $300 dollar paint job on the frame last fall and parts are beginning to wear out.