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American Classic Ultralight Hub Adjustment(1 post)

American Classic Ultralight Hub Adjustmentlitesp
May 14, 2003 7:25 AM
I just bought a rear wheel using one of those American Classic Ultralight cassette hubs. The bearings felt smooth out of the bike, but on the bike, there was enough play at the rim to hear a "clunk". After adjusting all the play out of the hub on the bike as described by the AC site, the bearings felt very rough off the bike. After several rounds of adjusting the hub on the bike and feeling for play and checking bearing tightness off the bike, I reached a point of acceptable smoothness with a small amount of play detectable with a gentle side-to-side nudge of the rim. However, with a more forceful wiggle, I can feel a generous amount of movement somewhere in the hub. It doesn't feel like slop in the adjustment, but rather something rocking inside. I read that the bearings are slip fit instead of press fit into the hub shell. Could the movement be the bearings sliding or maybe just internal clearance of the bearings themselves? The AC tech. said that a half millimeter play on the bike is required to prevent overloading the bearings. I always thought that a bearing had proper pre-load when it was adjusted with a slight amount of play off the bike but there was no play and still ran smoothly when clampled on the bike.
Wouldn't a system that sustains repeated vibration and shock loads wear out faster unless it is rigid?
Is there a design problem or manufacturing problem with these hubs or is this perfectly normal.

I've used White Industries, Nukeproof, Hugi, Chris King, and Mavic sealed bearing hubs without needing to this amount of play in the adjustment.