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Velocity Rims(4 posts)

Velocity Rimsbuddha_bum
May 13, 2003 7:10 AM

I'm considering building up some new wheels with velocity rims (aerohead OC) and would like some feedback from anyone who has had good experiences or bad experience with velocity rims in general. Your help is greatly appreciated and valued. Thanks!
My Deep V's are strong as anvils. Unfortunately . . . .cory
May 13, 2003 7:49 AM
. . . . they weigh almost as much.
No, they're fine, though a little heavy. I used them because I wanted a bulletproof wheel for a rough road commute, and it's really stout. When I did break a spoke a few weeks ago, the wheel stayed so true I didn't even realize it until I heard the loose end flailing around. I pulled it out and rode home with no trouble.
Best money you'll spend this seasonpitt83
May 13, 2003 4:04 PM
These are awesome strong wheels. I used to think the weight was high, but I just got this from CO cyclists catalog:

Velocity Aerohead=420gm
Open Pro=425gm
Open Pro CD=440
Open Pro Ceramic = 460gm

I'm surprised, but happy. These wheels are amazingly strong. Pair built on Ultegra hub is $203; DA is $285. I've had mine for 1 full year and just love these wheels.
2 Sets - No problemsDaveLobster
May 14, 2003 7:25 AM
I have built up two set of wheels with these rims and have had no problems with either. The first set was built around 2 years ago with the "Aerohead II" rims. Good, strong and light (412g). This pair is still true and round, with none of the dreaded spoke hole cracking that has affected so many of my other rims.

More recently I bought a pair with a OC rear. They may have beefed them up a little, as this pair weighed 424f/420r. I was surprised that the front weighed more, I would have expected the OC rear to be heavier. Whatever, 4 grams ain't gonna make a bit of difference. Again, they built up easily, which means they were pretty round to begin with.

Compared to the ubiquitous Mavic OP, the Aerohead is slightly lighter, available in OC drilling, doesn't click, and costs 2/3rd's as much. I think they are one of the best rims currently available.