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Veloflex/Gommitalia(2 posts)

May 13, 2003 6:30 AM
I love how my Veloflex Pave tires feel, but after flatting for the third time on them this weekend (versus no flats during the same period on the Contis and Schwalbes I've been riding during the same period), I'm ready to switch to something a little more durable.

I read that Gommitalia (sp?) tires are produced at the same factory as the Veloflexes, but are available in heavier weights than the 180 gram Paves.

Anyone out there with experience with both brands? Also, any mail/web sources for the Gommitalias? ( is the only one I was able to come up with through Google.)
re: Veloflex/Gommitalia - have bothDMoore
May 13, 2003 7:16 AM
I rode the VF Pave's for a while. Loved the ride, but suffered similar durability problems. My record was 5 flats in 3 days! I now ride the Gommitalia Targa tires. They seem almost identical to pave's, but 20 gr heavier and it appears all the weight is in the tread. I've had much better luck with the Targa's.

Cbike is the only source of the tires that comes immediately to mind, although it sticks in my head that I've seen them listed on other websites.