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You really do need that special Campy chain tool, huh?(6 posts)

You really do need that special Campy chain tool, huh?bill
May 12, 2003 1:44 PM
I bought a new chain. Wanted to replace the one that, the last time I degreased, seemed to just go to sh*t (use pro-link religiously, but all of the sudden -- poof). So, I took off the old one (which used the first generation perma-link), went to put on the new one, only to learn that, holy smokes, the $65 tool I bought for my Campy chains and used THREE times (one time not even on my bike) is now obsolete! Replaced by a $70 chain tool!
I thought, this is riduculous, this setup sure looks like I could use a conventional chain tool.
Well, you can't. I didn't try too hard to ram it in there, because it just could not be made to go in straight, but I may have trashed the locking pin and even may have trashed the new chain.
Ordered the tool from Colorado Cyclist. With a new chain and a spare pin. Ouch.
don't need itDougSloan
May 12, 2003 1:55 PM
Just use the Connex link; works better, anyway.

I first tried a regular chain tool, and kept breaking the little guide pin.

You dont need it it is just nice to have.nmthe bull
May 12, 2003 2:43 PM
I didn't have any problemterry b
May 12, 2003 6:02 PM
Installed 3 Record chains in the last month. Just followed the instructions except for the part about joining the chain while it's on the large ring. Little pin slide right in there, and my micrometers measured the remainder exactly to the spec in the instructions.

I even did one of their 2 pin link repairs without a hitch. The new tool is nothing more than a beefy chain tool with a spring to hold the loose links.
It's one hell of a sexy tool though ;) nmCat 3 boy
May 13, 2003 1:18 AM
I just received it, and, well, yes it is. nmbill
May 14, 2003 10:13 AM