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Intermittent clicking appears to be coming from crankarm?(9 posts)

Intermittent clicking appears to be coming from crankarm?Helduser
May 9, 2003 9:33 AM
My setup is a trek 5200, Record double crank arm with a Chorus BB and Speedplay X3 pedals. The rest of my setup is chorus 10 with SSC SL wheels.

I've got a problem with an intermittent clicking/pinging sound when I'm really hammering or spinning up hills which sounds like it's coming from either the chainrings or the bottom bracket. Everything appears to be tight. Any suggestions on things to check?

I've had the pedals for a few years and I'm recently installed new cleats on my shoes.

Could be anything you mentioned.Spunout
May 9, 2003 10:05 AM
Personally, it is my chainring bolts (Chorus 10) that creak under power after a rain. To stop this, I take it apart and clean everything, but use NO GREASE in re-assembly.

I tried greasing all the contact surfaces, but that made it worse.
Could be anything you mentioned.Helduser
May 12, 2003 9:38 AM
Thanks man. I had a bear of a time getting the chainring bots loose the last time I cleaned them so I greased them before reassembling. I'll take it apart again and remove the grease.
Click tricksKerry
May 9, 2003 4:44 PM
It is fairly common to have the experience, but ticks and clicks are very hard to eliminate sometimes. What seems like it is tied to the pedals may be coming from the seat post, etc. Sometimes things like temperature and humidity can affect noises as well. To eliminate chain ring bolts as the problem, take them all out and grease the threads, the faces where they contact the CRs, and the CRs where they contact the crank spider arms. Clicks tied to your pedaling can come from the BB (grease all threads in contact with the frame and BB, and torque it to the recommended settings, which can be quite high), the pedals (grease the threads, get some wax etc. on the cleats, grease the bolts into your shoes, squirt some lube into the guts of the pedal machinery if possible), the chain (clean and lube), your seat post and saddle (grease the post, seat post bolts, saddle rails), your bars and stem (grease the stem, stem bolt at both ends, h'bar bolt, and h'bar where it goes through the stem), and your wheels (check for spoke tension, particularly on the rear non drive side, put a drop of lube where each pair of spokes cross, grease/tighten QRs). Needless to say, you want to try these things in what seems like the most likely place the noise is coming from, but there are plenty of stories about "I was sure the noise was in the handlebars but it went away when I tightened up the spokes in the rear wheel," so keep trying different things until you have success.
dont forget the lockring on the rear cassette!the bull
May 10, 2003 3:52 AM
Make sure its tight! I have tracked down creaks from here that I swore were coming from the cranks!
OK, this is really important...mghwk
May 11, 2003 10:24 PM
I finally today found my intermittent click after months of searching and fiddling and adjusting. My 5500 is set up nearly the same as yours and it was, of all things, the computer-stinking magnet the whole time. When hammering pretty hard, the torque was sufficient to minutely displace the front wheel from its original plane and cause the magnet to contact the sensor. I swear it sounded like it was coming from the BB. Just for kicks, turn the front wheel around backwards for a test ride and see if that does it. If so, it might save you from feeling as dumb as I did after three months of chasing the noise. Sheesh.
OK, this is really important...Helduser
May 12, 2003 9:44 AM
Thanks. I'll try that.
re: Intermittent clicking appears to be coming from crankarm?maximum15
May 13, 2003 8:31 AM
Make sure your pedal spindles are tight to the crank arm. I once put some X2 pedals on in a hurry and didn't tighten the right side enough. A week later, click - click -click. Tried a lot of stuff before I discovered the pedal just wan't tight enough.
May 13, 2003 10:58 AM
get this, I got a popping/pinging in my left crankarm and did everything I could do as far as tightening, pedal, lubing pedal, tightening cleats, tightening crankbolts... etc. As it turned out... it actually ended up being the RIGHT crankbolt backing out... I tightened it up an wha-lah sound GONE. I felt like an idiot. So if you have a squeak or a pop, tighten EVERYTHING on the bike... just not what you think MIGHT be causing it.