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cane creek and UCI wheel regs (do they care)(9 posts)

cane creek and UCI wheel regs (do they care)jradford
May 8, 2003 11:15 AM
I was just in contact with cane creek and they say the wheel set that I have is not UCI approved. in that fact I can not find any cane creek wheels that are. (if they fall out side the normal wheel description). well in Alberta most race enforce the UCI wheel regs. so guess what, I now need to get a new set of wheels.

Why would a company not get there wheels approved? to me its seems like they are shooting themselves in the foot. They will never see there wheels in the tour or on a pro bike unless they do.

Thanks cane creek from the little guy who now has to fork out more cash to get a new set of wheels to be able to race. I'm not rich and I am not sponsored so everything on my bike came out of my pocket.

Cane Creek give UCI a call some day.

My 2 cents.
what wheel set?DougSloan
May 8, 2003 12:13 PM
They may not need "approval" specifically, if they fit the exempted descriptions. Describe the wheels (rim, # spokes, etc.) for us.

what wheel set?jradford
May 8, 2003 2:26 PM
they are in the review as the racing clincher. its 16 spoke front 26 rear. 30mm deep rim. silver in color.

I love the wheels do get me wrong its just hard to accept that i will not be able to use them.
some info about Cane Creeks, and the UCI rulerussw19
May 8, 2003 3:02 PM
The Aeroheads and the new Volos (2003) version of the Aeroheads are legal. They are not approved because they don't have to be. They are 21mm tall... they are not outside the rule, so they don't need approval. The Deep-V falls inside the rule... and I think Cane Creek should get it approved... it would pass, it's plenty strong. For their 2003 wheels, the only one that would fall in the rule is the Aros... a 58mm Deep Rim Carbon wheel. The Volos, Aros Superlight, and Aeroheads are all exempt because they are all shallower than 25mm rim height.

Just thought you all may like to hear that before you stop buying wheels from them... also, I have cut and pasted the UCI rule if anyone wants to check it out. The website lists all the wheels that are approved, but I didn't include all that.

Also the UCI rule is for "group races" so Time Trials and Triathlons are also not subject to this rule. Here's the rule:

UCI Rules - 2002:
Non-standard wheels in conformity with article 1.3.018:
Article 1.3.018 relates only to group races (in packs).

In this type of event, the riders generally use standard (conventional) wheels which are clearly defined in article 1.3.018. These wheels are authorised de facto.

However, during races in packs, certain riders do use non-standard wheels (rims higher than 2.5 cm, fewer than 16 spokes, spoke thicknesses of over 2.4 mm). If any of these conditions is noted, the wheel is deemed to be a non-standard wheel and must have passed a break test in order for it to be authorised for use in competition.

The manufacturers inform the UCI of the names of wheels which have been successfully tested. The names of these wheels are shown in the list below. The wheels can therefore be clearly identified. If this is not the case then the wheel is not authorised for use.
UCI Regs are stupid is why...terzo rene
May 8, 2003 2:53 PM
A number of manufacturers complained bitterly when the regs were proposed. To over simplify the UCI primary concern seems to be that they never want a spoke to break to avoid injuries in a crash. As a result the rims basically have to fail before the spokes. Zipp said the problem with getting their clinchers approved was that they were too strong and would have to be make weaker to fufill the UCI testing protocol. Most people would rather have a spoke fail than the whole wheel, economically as well as for safety. I imagine Cane Creek's clinchers face similar problems qualifying so I suspect they don't want to make that tradeoff.

If the wheel fails killing someone and they got sued, I doubt fulfilling the UCI testing would be a good defense since it would be easy to show they knew that design was less safe than the new one.
An oldy but a goodyTrekFurthur
May 9, 2003 5:39 AM
Check out what Kraig Willett had to say here--

And here--
I still love the wheelsjradford
May 9, 2003 8:06 AM
don't get me wrong. i love my wheels. there aro, spin better than any wheel I have picked up in a long time and they are light, what more could i ask for. thats why this sucks so bad. I have a set of Ultegra hubs that i can build up for my spare set and when they say i can not race on the cane creeks I will switch but it was money that i did not want to spend just yet. After building a complete bick from the frame up its hard to go out and put another hit on to the pocket book a month latter for another set of wheels when i have the best already.

Its just hard to beleve that at cat 4 (the bottom in my area) they are worried about what wheels we are raceing. well this is not the tour but yet they seem to think it is.

Well life goes on.
no offense, but are you paying attention?bugleboy
May 11, 2003 3:56 AM
your wheels are fine. as mentioned in one of the earlier posts they are exempt(sp?). Use them, race them. If you have the money for the wheels then hold on to it. if one of the officials at your next race holds you out or disqualifies you them get a new set. You should be able to use your cane creeks.
No offense, but are you?TJeanloz
May 12, 2003 12:45 PM
In the original post, he says:

"I was just in contact with cane creek and they say the wheel set that I have is not UCI approved"

If Cane Creek says the wheel is not UCI approved, I'd be inclined to believe them over what an anonymous internet poster says. I assume that the wheel in question is not in Cane Creek's current line-up, and they may have changed the rim profile to fly under the UCI non-standard rule.